Imagine ...

What can happen at a party? It might take you a long way, or maybe it could distract your mind so you got lost on the way to for fill your lifelong dream ...


4. 4

This was it...You were sitting there with three girls, that you had watched in the media for some time now! 

Dani had joined you in the living room after just a few minutes, now you were just talking. It was like you had been a part of their little group for a long time. You had been told by Dani, that you would fit right in with her friends, but you weren't sure until this very moment.


After a few hours you had the whole flat ready for a party and all four of you were dressed as well. 

"wow Susan - you look so beautiful!" Eleanor said. 

"You too! You all look so gorgeous, I envy all three of you!" I was honest, they all looked so good! 


"I still can't believe how you did your nails like that...It took you like NO time! You've got a talent girl" Perrie said! 


We all laughed and soon the doorbell rang. Dani went to the door and Eleanor turned on the music. This was going to be an amazing night, I had a strong feeling about that...


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