Imagine ...

What can happen at a party? It might take you a long way, or maybe it could distract your mind so you got lost on the way to for fill your lifelong dream ...


3. 3

One day, after a month or so in London, Danielle invited you to her place for a little get together. She said it was just some of her friends, and she was sure, that you would fit right in. You went to her place after rehearsals so that you two and two of her other friends could get the whole place ready and get dressed together. When you got there it was just the two of you. After an hour the doorbell rang, and Dani asked you to open the door. When you opened the door you were met by two beautiful girls and you knew exactly who they were.  The brunette stroke out her arm, “Hey I’m Eleanor,” she smiled and you shock her hand. “And this is Perrie” Perrie gave you her hand as well, and you just smiled. “I’m Susan,” you said and they just smiled back at you. “Come on in, Dani is just in the bathroom I think” you said and tried not to sound way to nervous. They walked in and you all went for the couches in the living room.  


And some more ;-) It's a bit longer than the others, but not much :P SORRY!! xx

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