When Hell Became Heaven

Emma Alice Miller is a regular girl, except one thing, she's hated by her whole school, bullied, unpopular, and miserable. But what makes it worst is her parents are missing so she lives alone with a few others. All she has left is her siblings Sophie, Xavier, Madison, and BFF Clementine. But what happens when a group of boys notice them more than a peice of trash? Especially a few certain boys by the names of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Keep reading to find out about Emma, Sophie, Clementine and there crazy life! :) Also keep in mind that the boys aren't famous


6. Very important/About Story/Might delete

Heyy guys!! Well I've been thinking and I really don't like the process of uploading a new chapter or story on movellas. So if you would like to continue reading this story or start reading this story I advise you to go to Wattpad.com or download the app Wattpad. I am still thinking about what to do with this story so please comment or email me at hskarishma@yahoo.com what you think I should do, should I start the story of delete it and start it on wattpad? Well I'm going to thank you ahead of time for all the Views , Comments, Likes, and Favorites :). Soo please tell me what you think and I will very very very much appreciate it :)

thank you! 

Love<3, Karishma

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