forest hide

her famly run in the middle of the night,she gets left with her arunt arfter her perents disapirence,sister some were in the world,a strange person,a forest ,a case,a secret and a lot of lonlyness.


2. i see new home

we sped down the road and i wached as buildings became trees and paths mud then as it started to feel like we had been driving for hourse dad called to me "look over there that is the road we live down".it was a small pot hole filled mud track that did not look like a road it was great.we road down it everything rocking as we went throw pot hole arfter pot hole till we got to the middle of no wear no noise from the road nothing just filds and filds and forest arfter forest and in the middel of it all was a big cottige it was one of thouse houses ment to look like a cottige but had massive rooms 15 meters by 15 meters i had a good look and i new even thow i will miss my old house that i would love it here

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