forest hide

her famly run in the middle of the night,she gets left with her arunt arfter her perents disapirence,sister some were in the world,a strange person,a forest ,a case,a secret and a lot of lonlyness.


4. eyes

it has been 8 years since my family moved and left me to live with some one i had never met before i am 14 i have a teacher who visits me i am learning fast i love reading and my art keeps me company in my small and lonely world i don't say much to my guardian who i have recently discovered is my aunt but it is no comfort when i don't have my mother and father when they left me all that time ago i had waited by my window wishing with all my heart that i would see are old car bump down the lean to me once more and so i could rap my arms around those who i have lost once again.

it was Monday and my teacher was on holiday so as ushalle  when i had no lessons i garbed my art book my pencils and pens my books  a blanket a basket full of food a note pad and run down to my favorite place  it was a large field full of healthy green grass and beautiful flowers i would watch the sun go down then i would head back home the sweet breeze was a companion for my loneliness my aunt spoke only a few words to me each day they were "get dressed","get up","hurry up","no teacher today","get your breakfast"and "i am going out ". some times i wished she would say more to me but other i just enjoyed the silence.

i garbed my thing running throw the forest to my field laying out my things on my lovely soft tartan blanket and siting down to read.i had just started drawing the forest in front of me adding shading and light it wasn't long before i had finished looking at my picture and compering it to the real thing when what looked like a person walked among the forest it stopped and looked as if it was looking strait at me i turned to place my pad down and when i looked again the person was no longer there.

i herd some thing crack behind me turning i came face to face with a boy he looked as if he were 14 like me and yet his eyes looked older his beautiful hair glowed red and his blue eyes looked like the sea.he smiled stepping corshasly forward.

"who are you?" i asked looking into his eyes.

"who are you ?" he replayed.

" i am Dusk willow Ashton please to meet you..." i announced holding out my hand for him to shake.

"i am Ash Zander Berry nice to meet you Dusk willow Ashton" he said shaking my hand.

"you can just call me dusk can i just call you ash" i asked.

"yes you may call me ash and i will call you dusk" he continued smiling at me.

"you can sit down if you wont ash" i said pointing to the blanket.

" thank you dusk but i am here to ask for your help" he replied sitting down next to me.

" what do you wish to ask me" i asked.

" if you will walk with me dusk in the forest tonight i wish to see you again" he replayed.i wasn't sure what to say but i thort it would be rude not to say yes as he like me seemed alone too.

"yes i" i asked i wanted to know if i was the only one as i was not allowed to leave the house and forest to visit other places.

"yes"he replayed looking sadly into her eyes.

he was kind the first person other then the ones her aunt called she had spoken to and she liked it it made her feel like she was not alone eny longer.

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