forest hide

her famly run in the middle of the night,she gets left with her arunt arfter her perents disapirence,sister some were in the world,a strange person,a forest ,a case,a secret and a lot of lonlyness.


3. alone

life was good and fun i could play in the forest and i had a butifule room i thort i would never be sad again but of corse i was night i crept down stairs arfter hearing voices i hid at the top of the stairs to licsen to the was my dad and mum sat on the sofa talking to a strange women."she is being wached she is and asked of me to come and wach dusk becuase she needs your help it is a matter of life or death"the strange women fussed."we are not leaving dusk arfter are daughter who as never even met dusk ever"my mother shouted in disgust."we cant leave dawn alone on this arfter what she did for us by warning us to leave are old house it saved are lifes and dusk we will go tonight please promise us to keep dusk safe no matter what"dad said standing up to face the strange woman.

"i will"she replied.

"go say goodbye to dusk and go pake i will be up to do the same soon"dad continued

i rushed back to bed and pretended to be asleep when mother came and said good bye then not long arfter so did dad and in a way i did not wont them to go but if my sister needed help then she would get it as i am sure would i if i needed help.bye and love were used alot then we waved good bye as they road of in a bump and crash of pot holes.

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