forest hide

her famly run in the middle of the night,she gets left with her arunt arfter her perents disapirence,sister some were in the world,a strange person,a forest ,a case,a secret and a lot of lonlyness.


1. escape

dusk`s p.o.v

one night when in was six asleep in my small bed the soft lavinder sheets over my head when i was asleep i felt the sheet pull back a draft of cold a soft kiss was planted on my for head wich was followed by a jentel shacke and a kind voice saying "darling you have got to get up we are going some were and have to pack now ok quickly" wiping the sleepy dust from my eyes and placeing my two small feet on the ground and got up.packing my covers and pillow into a large bag and then going over to my jewlery box and getting out my gold neckless that was left on her door step 3 years ago in a small wooden box saying dusk on it thats me dusk. it was a a star made of what looked like old clock parts put into a small star shaped frame and in the center of it was a small key hole.i never leave it eny were and i love it to bits just as much as i love my case.its rather big great for going away and on the out side was some old printed flowers my mum had put on its plain cream case and inside loads of what looks like old letters lines of loops and swerls and the back ground is an old fashioned wall paper.i open it and put my most worne cloths inside and put a few books pads pens my quile that my sister got me from her trips to an casel for work and a bundel of letters from her arfter that i put in photose and all my favoret things pluse my teddy tiger who was black and white called hobbse i new for some resone that i would not be coming back to this house mum and dad had taken there stuff to the car and were now grabing furniture and draging what we need down the stairs my mum was packing all are food into a ice bag to keep it cool till we got to were ever we were my stuff was put in the car and i rushed to get dressed grabing my coat,hat and scarfe and putting them on at last we were ready to leave i waved goodbye to the house as i was rushed into the car and we drove of leaving the house behind for ever.

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