Always The One! Niall Horan Fan Fic

Love Niall Horan from One Direction? Then read this book! Written by Star Snowden, this is her first EVER fan fiction. Please send feedback and feel free to comment. Will everything work out for Star and Niall? Or will they have to run away together? Will someone die? Read this story to find out...


4. One Missing

Me and Niall stood there with our mouths hanging there. Tears begin to fill up in my eyes. Niall's face looked like death. Zayn tugged on my hand and shouted "Come on! We need to go! You too Niall". I had never seen Zayn's face so un-happy. He looked awful. His face was red-raw and his eyes were filled up with tears. We all ran, I don't think I would have been able to move if someone wasn't dragging me along. Out of all of the boys and me, I liked Liam the most. I wasn't going to lie, he was like my older brother that I loved more then the entire world. After running around the corner Liam lay there, dead and still. His eyes were shut tight while some ambulance men put him on a stretcher. I screamed and shouted.

"LIAM, LIAM WAKE UP". I screamed in between my cries of horror. 

"Star, Star calm down". Niall shushed me. 

"Liam don't leave me alone...I need you-wwww- we all need you". 

"Star he's gone, he's gone". Niall held me.

I kicked and tried to get out of his hold but he wouldn't let go. I kept screaming his name; I wouldn't believe that he was actually gone. Just then all the other boys turned up. Louis and Harry came running. 

Louis fell to his knees and started screaming. Harry started to sooth Louis, but Harry was also breaking. 

I didn't stop screaming and Niall didn't let go of me. The fireworks where going off and people where laughing; but not us. Not us. 

I could hardly hear anything but my own cries but I managed to hear Niall and an ambulance guy talking. The only thing I could manage to hear was that Liam died from an heart attack.

The next thing I knew I was awake in Harry's bed.

Zayn greeted me with a hot chocolate and a full English. 

"Hi. Had a good sleep?" He asked me wearily.

I had to think for a minute. "Um I guess so. I just-".

I broke off mid-sentence. I started to remember all that happened. Tears started to run down my eyes.

Zayn lay next to me on the double bed and hugged me. Sobs broke out of my mouth and I clutched Zayn for protection. 

"Wh-What happened. I can only re-rem-remember a few thing-things". I sobbed.

"Well after a while you fainted so we all took you back to Harry's place. The rest of the boys are out. They are organizing his funereal . I just couldn't take it and someone needed to stay behind with you because we all know how much you care for Liam".

The day dragged on and on. The boys where out, Niall called twice just to check up on me. They were still sorting out the funereal and going food shopping. 

At 4:00pm all the boys arrived home, but still one short. There were no more Liam. No more boldy head.

All I did all day was sit and cry. I thought it was about time to go onto my laptop and check my Twitter. Maybe some nice fans could cheer me up. Twitter came up onto my Apple Laptop screen and I clicked on the home screen. I was worldwide news. Everyone thought I killed Liam. That was absurd, I would never lay a finger on my best friend.  


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