Always The One! Niall Horan Fan Fic

Love Niall Horan from One Direction? Then read this book! Written by Star Snowden, this is her first EVER fan fiction. Please send feedback and feel free to comment. Will everything work out for Star and Niall? Or will they have to run away together? Will someone die? Read this story to find out...


3. A Tragedy On New Years Eve

I woke up in my new double bed with Niall fast asleep next to me. He was curled up in the blanket leaving me with only a little bit left. I sighed. Snore. Snore. Well sleeping with Niall wasn't easy. He snored, he sleep talked and he stole all the blanket. But that's the boy who I love, and shall forever love. I quietly got out of bed and walked to the kitchen, or should I say MY kitchen. I opened the fridge and just as I did my belly gave a loud cry to be fed. A bowl of cereal would do fine for me. The dining table was calling me so I sat down and started to munch on my food. 
"Happy New Years Eve"

"Happy New Years Eve"

I got two texts from my friends. And one from my mum. As you can tell it was New Years Eve. I was always a big fan of any celebration to be honest. So clearly I loved New Years Eve! I then got another text this time it was from Liam. He was wishing me a Happy New Years Eve and he told me to come to his house. 

I shoved all my food into my mouth and quickly chewed and swallowed it. And then I flung the bowl into the dishwasher and threw on some sweats. I left a note on the fridge telling Niall that I was going out and I'd be back later on. I dashed to the mirror and tied up my hair. Then I dashed down the stairs to my car. To Liam's house I went. The doorbell rang when my finger pushed it. Almost immanently Liam. arrived at the door.

"Hey babe" He greeted me.

I smiled and replied saying, "Happy New Years Eve"!

I walked into the living room with Liam and sprang out onto the red plush sofa.

We chatted and talked.

"What are ya doing then today"? Liam asked me.

I had to think for a minute. "Oh yeah it's New Years Eve...".

He let out a slight giggle. 

"Well I have a New Year's pessie for you". I told him. 

"What? For me? Well show me". He winked.

I pulled a present from my huge handbag and tossed it to him.

"Here ya go, Mr Payne".

He looked up at me from his glowing eyes. And smiled. His hands ripped the wrapping paper off. 

"Oh my god". He laughed.

It was a black wig.

"Here". I said to him as I took the wig off of him. I shoved it on his head.

"Now you can look proper nice. No more skin head". I teased and laughed.

"Well fine. I rather like my so called skin head. My hair will grow back. You know?". 

I made a face at him then we both laughed with each other.

Liam shaved his hair off a while ago for charity and I never liked it. It had become a joke between us, with me calling him skin head. 

"Anyway you never answered my question...What are you and Niall doing today?"

"We chilling at Harry's, having a few drinks, and fireworks. All that shit. I thought you where going...". 

"I am. I didn't know if you and Niall where going though".

"Well we are. So don't die". I winked to Liam.

"Well anyway I gotta go. I need to buy some food for the party tonight at Hazza's". 

"Ok cya later". He waved me off and smiled.

"Cya, boldy".

Most of that day, well up until the party I was quite busy actually. I went to the supermarket and got some drinks and food for the party, dropped them off at Harry's. Then I had a shower, tidied up the flat, got all of my stuff from my parents house and took Zayn's dog on a walk. And then of course I got ready for the party.

I was stood in the bathroom just looking at my make-up and touching up my hair, to make sure I looked my best. It was about 5 or 10 minutes before we had to set off to go to Harry's place. It was only a 5 or 7 minute drive and with traffic only 10 or 12 minutes, so it wasn't very far at all. Harry had recently bought a mansion with a huge back garden;great for parties and stuff like that. It was the first party Harry had thrown at his new house, well should I say mansion. The party started at 9:45pm and ended at whatever time you wanted it to end. 

I suddenly felt something around me; it was Niall.

"Well look who's looking sexy today.". He told me while smirking. He was holding me from behind which he knew I loved. His lips pressed against my neck and kissed it from there to my shoulder. 

"There's a spare room at Harry's place". I winked at him. 

"Ha-ha, well it wont be spare for long". 

He turned me around so I was facing him and looked me deep into the eyes. 

"I love you so much Star. I don't ever want to let you go. I'm in love with you. One day I want you to take my last name. I want to eventually have children with you and live happily ever after". He then stroked  my cheek with his thumb.

I looked into his deep blue, irish eyes. His blonde hair which was recently died stood up. The gel still smelled slightly. A strand of his hair fell and I put it back in place. Every thing about him was perfection.

We drove to Harry's without any traffic. Then we talked with the boys and mingled for a bit and then at 10:35pm we where ready for some private fun. 

"We are going up stairs. Can we use the spare room?" Niall asked Harry. The music was booming full blast.

Harry faintly laughed and put his childish grin on and then replied, "Sure. Don't make too much noise". He winked to the both of us.

"Ha-ha. We will try not to". Niall smirked.

We headed up stairs and into the spare bedroom. I flicked on the light switch, and locked the door while Niall closed the blinds so no one could see us. Both our phones where on silent. It was just us. 

I ran up to him and jumped up into his arms. He caught me before I fell onto the floor. 

I started to undress him and he did the same for me.

This was going to be a good night...

At 11:23pm we arrived down stairs after some private, confidential fun. We didn't look as good as we did when we arrived, but oh well. 

Niall and I mingled and had a few drinks. We then started to 2 minute countdown. For some unknown reason we didn't do 1 minute countdown, we did a 2 minute countdown. 

"Where's Liam?". I asked Niall in his ear. We could hardly hear because of the loud countdown. There was probably 300 people doing the countdown.

"Actually I'm not sure. I haven't seen him here. Are you sure he's coming?". Niall replied.

"I ain't seen him either. And yeah I'm sure he's meant to be here. He told me he was coming". 

And then all of a sudden, Zayn came running up to us.

"It's Liam. He's dead". Zayn told us in a panicked voice with his eyes bright red. From crying.


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