Christmas in Desaru

"Thanks Nana!" I turned to face the small white haired lady sitting behind me on a


1. Christmas in Desaru

"Umm Thanks Nana" I turned my head to smile at the small grey hair lady sitting cross legged behind me. She nodded and smiled. "I do hope it fits you Dana"

I wondered how, at 83 Nana Karim managed to sit so comfortably in, what appeared to be the lotus position. Her knees were actually resting on the ground...impossible!

I then thought about my paternal grandmother in Dorking and all the previous Christmases we had, as a family spent there. Nana Dorking as I will refer to her, lived alone with her crazy poodle Joey in a rambling and chaotic, shabby home with a delightful overgrown garden.  My father's younger sister Auntie Mary would be their with Uncle Bert and my demonic cousins Henry and Georgia. 

Why was I thinking about this time so fondly now? I couldn't help wondering.  I used to dread going there.  My parents would always argue on the way, the row beginning from a seemingly innocuous comment from my father about my mother taking so long to get ready.  At its height my mother would make some remark about not wanting to go to Dorking anyway just to be patronised and looked down upon by my fathers relations.  It was alway the same basic row...always the same

Anyway as they say (whoever "they" is) that is now history, since five days ago we, my mother my younger brother Tod and I boarded the 11.27 Emirates EY257 flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur to begin our new lives.

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