Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


82. Chapter 82.

So Autum is here again.  After 3 totally shitty days at school, well actually I spent them in hospital since my shifts as a student practice have already started. It´s not like I hate being there, I love what I study. It´s just I am not used to see Harry just for 20 minutes everyday when I get back home. He is tired, so am I. We end up sleeping while TV´s on. I don’t know. Maybe I just exaggerate. Anyway, I am on my way home. It´s nicely warm in the car. Huh, who would say that there would be a need to have car heating on in September. As I arrive to parking lot, I notice Rosie´s car on the drive way. I haven’t seen that girl for 2 weeks! While taking steps to apartment I curse why I am not already staying at Harry´s when all of my stuff is already there. And more importantly, there´s a lift in the building! As I reach my floor I take a second so my heart could ease up a bit after my heroic staircase performance.

I clumsily find the keys in my bag and open the door. My eyes immediately meet Niall´s. His mouth turns into a wide smile as I step in. “Hello Doctor!” He says while hugging me still dressed in coat and thick scarf. I laugh at his words and gently poke his shoulder. “Not yet.” I reply and sigh heavily. As I take off the coat I hear familiar voices in the kitchen. Niall smiles again and leans against the door frame. “What are they discussing?” I say quietly when Niall turns his eyes. I am team Niall, when it comes to Rosie and Caroline and their girly talk. “You´ll see...” Niall mysteriously whispers and push me gently to kitchen. “Hiya!” Car waves at me and Rosie immediately stops talking. Then she takes a step forward and hugs me strongly. “We didn’t expect you to come home so early!” She says and looses our grip. I smile politely since I have no idea what´s going on. Car is sitting on the kitchen counter. Her wet hair folded in a towel. She is wearing Zayn´s grey shorts and black hoodie. I assume she didn’t leave the amartment today. Rosie is already sitting by the table with a cup of tea in her hand. There´s something by her left hand. Some book or a folder? I don’t know. Niall is watching TV and laughing at commercials. I smile at everyone. “Where´s Zayn?” I ask politely since Car is not able to be away from him just for a couple of minutes. “On his way.” Car immediately answers my question with a smile on her face. She is always so enthusiastic when someone just says his name. “Well, I am going to take a quick shower and then join this...” I look around and laugh. “...this family meeting.” I add and walk straight to bathroom.

After not that quick hot shower I put on some clothes which are lying across the whole bed. I actually don’t care what am I wearing but it´s comfortable and that´s all what I am asking for. Not like that white dress in hospital. When I get back to kitchen, there´s  Zayn already. I smile at him as he notices me. He nods with a smile, the exact smile why is Car in love with him. I can´t describe it. Neither does Caroline. It´s just “Zayn´s smile”. I quickly turn back to the rest of the group. They are all sitting on the sofa. I sit myself next to Rosie and hug my knees with my arms. “So what´s that big folder for?” I ask when Niall awkwardly coughed. What´s with everyone? “These are the papers from the real estate agent.” Rosie speaks up and I blink twice after what she´s just said. “Marine, since you are moving to Harry´s and Zayn and I are basically doing the same, we don’t have to keep this apartment any longer.” After Caroline´s words I finally got it. She is right. But I don’t want to move out from here. Or at least sell it! There´s so much history! It is OUR apartment. I think I will cry, but I push tears back and take a deep breath. Car breaks the silence again “Marine, I know it´s hard but...” I immediately cut her off. “You´re right.” I say and half smile at her. Rosie squeezes Niall´s knee and speaks up again. I hate why she is always so wise and take every problem as an adult. “Mrs. Willsbrough said she can get here the first bidders at the end of the week. It would be good if you all were here. Just in case.” Rosie smiles and stands up from the sofa. Niall does the same and let her hug him. She looks tired. But honestly, I am not surprised since she always plays the most important role in everything what Car and I do. Niall ask her quietly if she wants to go home. She looks at him like a child and nod. They both say goodbye and leave the livingroom. Zayn, Caroline are the only ones who left.  Car stands up a hugs me “Do you remember when we first moved in?” She speaks up while I sob into her hoodie. “I know. Crazy,huh? It´s like yesterday when we made our first dinner here, or when we argued with neighbours about playing music too loud.” Car and I laugh at the nostalgy this apartment is filled with. “Or when you got stoned here.” Zayn suddenly adds and folds his hands behind his head. So Zayn feels the same. This apartment is big part of our lives but no matter how much we try, we have to give it up. It would be childlish to keep it, just because it has some sentimental value for us. We have to think economical. I come back to reality and realise Car and Zayn are already standing by each other, Zayn´s arms wrapped around her waist while Car´s are playing with his raven hair. It reminds me that I have boyfriend too. I haven’t spoken to him all day. I have to tell him about selling the apartment, about my shift and also about my lunch. I quietly move to my bedroom just let them two alone in their own buble.

When I withdraw my phone from bag I notice one missed call. I immediately dial the number and lay myself on bed. Watching the ceiling, the most wanted voice calls my name to the phone: “Marine, love.” “Harry, I am sorry, I totally forgot about the phone in my bag. How are you?” I quickly apologise. “Don´t be. I just wanted to make sure you are already at home.” He says in his calm tone. “Yeah, I am home. Zayn is here also. And Niall and Rosie have just left.” I reply and stand up from bed. “What for this full participation?” He adds and I hear laughter. “It wasn’t full. You were missing.” I add and smile. He sighs and laughs. “We are selling this apartment.” I quickly add and wait for him to reply.”Already? I am sorry, Marine. However, it was just a matter of time to do so. You are moving with me and Car is partly living with Zayn...” “I know. But still. It´s sad. I love it here.” I cut him off and look around my room. I will really miss this place. “Anyway, will you come over?” I change the subject and wipe the tear off my face. “Oh babe. I know you do. I am already on my way.” I am glad he has been coming over here before I ask him. “I´ll wait by the front door downstairs.” I tell him and we both went off the phones. As fast as I can, I put on something wearable. Is it an actual word?  Even though Harry will be here in about 15 minutes, I am already dressed up. I shout at Car and Zayn but I guess they didn’t hear me. I grab the keys and run downstairs. I can´t wait to see him. As minutes past, I notice dark Range Rover pulling by the road. I wait till he parks it somewhere, but the engine is still on. I look both sides when I walked into road and open the passanger door. “Are we going somewhere?” I lean into car and smiles at him. He doesn’t say a thing, just gestures me to get into car. I obey him and put a seat belt on. Right after I took my hodie off, Harry leans to me and kiss me gently on my lips. He looks perfect as always. I laugh at him and turn to him with my whole body. “Why are you so silent?” I ask him when he takes my hand into his. “Ok. At least tell me why are we still in the car.” I ask him again, hoping he will answer one of my questions. “Firsly, I will speak in a minute and secondly I want to be with you alone.” I stay serious this time. “I mean, I don’t want to share you with the two upstairs.” He adds and I smile at his addition. Thank God he´s joking. It can´t be that bad, can be? “For God´s sake, please spill it already!” I tell him and laugh at the same time. “So eager...” Harry adds and grins. “Harry, I am telling you if you don’t tell me whats going on I will...” I warn him. “Ok ok. So I spoke to Rosie. She explained me everything and I have to agree with her. It´s unreasonable to keep it when you both have another place to live in. Plus that new place includes me so. It´s obvious.” He has just told me all the things I´ve already know. I don’t get his point. Then he goes on. “Then I reassured her she don’t have to show your apartment to complete strangers, that I have someone who would take it even without seeing it.” I am still watching him patiently. Then a hint of a smile appears on his pink lips. I don’t get why, since he has basically told me that the apartment is almost sold. “Who?” I ask waiting for him to reply. “You´re not that bright for a doctor. Me. I am the one who is buying your apartment.” “I am not a doctor yet! Wait. What? You are buying...Harry that´s ridiculous.” I am speechless. “Marine, I want you to have your own place to escape from living with me. I am not always this fabulous.” He jokes but I am still serious. “I mean it, Harry. This is definitely not a kind gesture. I can´t let you do it.” I say, still aware of the fact he wants to the most caring thing for me. He frowns. “I don’t want you to give up that place.” The tenderness in his voice makes me melt. My left hand touched his cheek. “ Me neither. But I can´t let you buy the whole apartments. It´s too much.” Suddenly wide grin appears on his face. “Zayn and I agreed we will buy it on halves. One for me and one for Zayn.” Zayn? What a cheeky bastard. He is in it with the other cheeke bastard. “Harry. Be honest with me right now. Just forget about the whole celebrity status and the money you have. Do you really think I would support you in buying an apartment for your girlfriend?” I tell him while squeezing his hands in mine. “You don’t have to, Marine. Mrs. Willsbrough is completely up for the idea so we will sign the papers in the morning. So basically I have already got an apartment for my girlfriend.” When he finished, his grin got wider. “You´re insane.” I tell him. Not sure what else I can say. This is beyond everything. Just too much. “No, I am not. I am just in love.” He says and encloses his lips to my ear. “Still. You´re insane.” I repeat. He can´t do this to me! Firstly he tells me he bought a fucking apartment for me and then he tries to seduce me in his fucking car! “How was your day?” He asks me and I have no idea where does that question come from. “Harry, you won´t make this up by changing the subject. You know I love you with all my heart but it´s too much. In this case, I have no idea what to get you for Christmas.” I tell him. My mood got better in the past minutes since he starts  kissing my neck. I hear a chuckle and warm breath under my chin. “A horse maybe?” He replies. “With a gold hair, at least.” I add and laugh. How can he be so good at changing the subject? I let him continue in this making up- process. To be honest I don’t want him to stop. He bought me a flat? He bought me a flat. No biggie. Just enjoy this... Suddenly he stops and two green eyes meet mine. “Ok. We can go inside now.” “What?” I shout. He smiles at me and shakes his head. “To mine and Zayn´s apartment, silly.” He adds and I open my mouth. “You are a bad person, Styles.” I tell him and get out of his car. Harry quickly locks the car and run after me. Suddenly his arm lends on my shoulder. “A little.” He adds and we both laugh. Can someone tell me why I love him? 

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