Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


81. Chapter 81.

It has been 3 weeks since we have come home. The tour´s been great. All the waiting backstage and in hotel rooms worthed.  School starts in a month, so my student duties. Crap. I am not ready to jump into studying yet! Why can´t this last for 2 more months? Ok. I should stop complaining. There are much more important things in my life then my degree. I´ve spent the most incredible months in my life with someone I love the most. When shows come to an end, Harry and I disappeared from all that mess and hide somewhere. I am still smiling when I reckon all these beautiful times. “Babe, where´s my phone?” Harry asked me while walking barefoot all over his apartment just in the bottom of his pj. “Have you checked your jean´s pocket?” I laughed and made a funny face. “Yeah, really funny Marine. Because I am a totally tw...” he went on, as soon as he dipped his hand into his jean´s back pocket “ ...twat. I am twat.” He added and withdrew his black iPhone. “ You always leave it there.” I stood up and left my bowl of cereals untouched. I wrapped my arms around his waist and looked straight in his eyes. “That´s why I suggested the jeans. You are not a twat.” I added and smiled at him. The hint of grin appeared on his lips. “That´s why I want you to move in. I am always so confused without you, Marine.” He joked and tickled my nose with his. “Don´t start with this again...” I broke the peaceful silence between us. Harry twisted his eyes and sighed heavily. “I know love, I promised not to bring that up again but look, semester is about to start and you need a peaceful environment to study. I doubt that Caroline provides you that. Plus, I´ll be here with you.” As he finished I noticed the fear in his eyes. Then he went on “I need you here.” I hugged him and leaned my head against his shoulder. “Harry, I love you. It´s not like I don’t want to move in, it´s just. I am scared that we... God. That we won´t appreciate each other like we do now...” “I don’t think it will ever happen. Marine, if it´s just because you are afraid of losing this, then stop thinking that way. Please.” His hand was gently squeezing mine. He slowly raised our intertwined hands in the air. The blood was suddenly pumping in my head. I couldn’t have thought clearly. I slowly pulled away from him. “Can we discuss it later, please?” I looked at the ground and then back at him. He half smiled at me. I know he is hurt a little but I cant cope with it now. Damnit, I hate second thoughts! “You had better finish your breakfast or we´ll be late.” Harry added and kissed my forehead. Then he went back to bedroom to put some shirt on. Even though I would be pleased if he went shirtless. But I guess that´s just silly me. “Should I call El and say we will be few minutes late?” I asked Harry across the whole livingroom. “No, we will make it. If you finally finish that bowl. For Gods Sake Marine, why are you eating that slowly?” Harry suddenly stood in the middle of kitchen in his dark washed jeans and simply brown pullover. “Not because I want to provoke you... not... at...all.” I was chewing as slowly as possible and laughing at the sime time. “ Louis will be disappointed if we wont come...” Harry added all of sudden. I didn’t expect this. I though he would joke with me or something. “Ok. Give me 5 minutes.” I added and quickly run to bathroom. I heard his mumble while putting my jeans on. “I knew Louis is your soft spot.” My chuckle echoed through the whole London. That boy is incredible.

When we arrived to the coffe shop, Eleanor and Louis were already there. Harry was dragging me by my sleeve like four-year old. I can´t help it but I am always the last. Everywhere. It´s not like I can´t do things quickly but I always think there is more time. Even though it´s not. I think going late it´s my biggest flaw.  Louis immediately stood up from very comfortable looking sofa and hugged me. It has been a long time since we have seen each other besides tour like normal friends. I noticed Eleanor smiling at us like proud mother. She knows how much Louis is important to me. “I assume Marine took her time this morning” Louis added while loosing our grip. Harry laughed and put his right hand on my shoulder. “ I am sorry. How long have you been waiting?” I ask apologeticly. Eleanor shook her head and smiled. Her curls shivered Louis´s face. “5 minutes? Traffic here sucks.” She added and nervously hid her hand under the table. Harry nodded and sat next to me.  “So how are you two doing?” I asked them and laid my head in my hands against the table. Why does it look like they want to tell us something? Or at least hide it? Harry´s right hand went through his perfect hair and the left one went on caressing my back. I guessed he didn’t notice the mood between them. He always acts so calm, even when I am late, I don’t see any anger in his eyes or wrinkled forehead. El and Louis looked at themselves and smiled at each other. I hope now Harry noticed this! “Mate, I am moving out from our Lad´s loft. El and I decided to move downtown together. Well we will re-build her old apartment.” Louis exhaled heavily right after his speech. This is it? I expected babies and weddings, not stupid moving out. I imagined Car, Rosie and me wearing the bridesmades dress, boys wearing tuxedos... “That´s the reason you two are acting like being on drugs?” Harry spoke up and laughed. I think he broke that wird atmosphere perfectly. Louis laughed with him and El shook her head again. So Harry did notice that weird couple sitting in front of us after all. Ha! “I told him you won´t make a big deal of it.” Eleanor added and poked Louis with her thin fore finger. “You should listen to your girlfriend more often, mate.” Harry added and smiled at me. I know that smile. He is up to something. “You two actually chose the best timming.” Harry added while still looking at me. Oh god. Now it hit me. Louis is not the only one moving out.

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