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Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


79. Chapter 79.

Harry and I are lying on the sofa. I am safely curled to him. It´s something around 8 pm and we are at home while everyone went out. I mean Caroline and Zayn. These are the only people I am in contact with for the past few days. Since Harry is home for another week, we spend time here. There´s some documentary in telly about Aljaska and Harry is watching it carefully. I actually don’t pay any attention to it. I miss these normal moments in everyone´s life. For example watching tv with mine boyfriend. So instead of observing arctic foxes, I am more interested in Harry´s hand wrapping my waist. I am just wondering how many times Harr has done this. I mean, he is my first serious relationship and love of my life but I don’t know about his previous relationships a thing. We have never actually talked about this. God, seriously what if there were loads of girls watching Aljaska documentary with Harry? My subconscious doesn’t let it go. “Harry?” I asked. Then I feel a gentle squeeze of my waist. “Yes?” He asks but I know he is still occupied with watching. I bit my bottom lip and let it out. “How many girlfriends did you have before...me?” Then I feel a movement behind me. Harry sits up instead of lying behind me. I stand up as well and take a seat next to him. “Why are you asking me this?” His eyes are widened with joy. Why is he laughing at me? “Because I want to know the answer.” I respond with raised eyebrows. Harry is just watching me. Why is he so silent about that? I know girls desire for his attention and I also know it´s not that difficult for him to get what he wants. Plus his smirk hints me that the answer is two-digit number. “You´re so cute right now” he adds and his smile wides even more. “Stop avoiding it, Styles.” I say and poke him with my forefinger. “Three.” He speaks up and looks down to avoid my eye contact. “Three what?” I ask. “Three girlfriends.” Ok. Thats a number I can work with. Not that many how I expected though. Then a follow up question hits me. “Harry, I don’t mean only girlfriends.” I pronounce that last word  with higher tone to highlight my purpose. Then I see an hh- expression on his face. Ok so it is a two-digit number. “Marine, I don’t think that´s important.” He adds and I frown. Of course it is! “Maybe it´s not. But I want to know it anyway.” He takes my hand and exhale. “Three plus three makes six. So final word is six.” Plus three? Like one night stands? I ask him more. “These 3 girls...” He nods and finishes my sentence. “...were meaningless to me.” So one night stands, got it. “Fans?” I ask curiously. Harry smiles  at me. “Well, yeah, we can call them fans.” Where is he going with this? “I don’t understand.” I am confused. “I didn’t make differencies between them. I actually didn’t care. Like I said, they were meaningless.” Ok. Now I am scared and for the first time since I am with him I feel insecure. I know past is past but history repeats itself.  What if I am going to be the fourth meaningless person in his life? I cant think of it that way. We are in love. I know we are. I know it right? Harry apparently noticed my empty look. “You wish you didn’t want it to know now.” He adds and stands up. I am still sitting there, trying to find words. He seems hurt. I immediately stand up too and walk to kitchen after him. He is looking at open fridge and then loudly slams its door. He is angry. I slowly put my hand on his shoulder. “Hey.” He still doesn’t look at me. I try it again. “Harry, hey, look at me.” He turns his face to me and I recognise that look. He has these exact eyes he had when we argued about him going on tour, about my illness and not listening to him. It all ended in tears and apologises. “Tell me what you think right now.” He speaks up finally, holding my face in his huge hands. His eyes are never leaving mine. Like he is trying to get into my head. “That I am glad you told me. And that you are not proud of it. And that I am scared.” Words leave my mouth without thinking. Harry´s eyes have this effect on me offently. “Of course I am not proud of it. I acted like a mad teenager full of testosterone.” I cut him off. “Like a normal 18 year old boy.” He smiles at my comment. “If you put it that way, then yes. But I regret it. Same as all relationships I had. Especially, the one.” I am trying to find out which one he regrets the most so he could tell me. “The one with Taylor.” Ok. He said it out loud. We have never spoken about her. She was the last girl he has something with since we´ve got together and I wasn’t curious about her at all. I don’t like her as a singer. Even as a person she seems like a... well she seems annoying.  “I don’t want to talk about her.” I add quickly before he starts telling me thing I don’t want to know. “I am sorry if I ruined something between us.” Harry speaks up and frowns. His hands are still cupping my face like I was a little girl. “You didn’t, Harry. It´s just that thing. See, I wasn’t wanted at college. And you are the most desired person in the UK. I am scared that one day, you will get tired of me.” I said it. I said what I think since our conversation started. “Marine, I would be glad if you stop lying to yourself and finally admit how wise, intelligent and undeniably beautiful you are. And that I will never get tired of you. Promise me one thing.” He is serious. His eyes are observing me and waiting for me to reply. “Anything.” I whisper. “Promise me you will never get tired of me and never leave me.” The tenderness and fear in his voice are making me weak. “I can definitely promise you that.” I say and smile at him. His lips change into wide smile. “I love you.” He says and kisses the corner of my mouth. I pull him closer to me and kiss him on lips. I won´t say I love you back. I´ll show him it instead.  



This one is for my loves Zuz and Nikky. I love you."

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