Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


78. Chapter 78.

“God, close those books love and go to bed!” Harry shouted from bed, lying curled up on grey sheets. We are at his place. Even though I would love to join him, I need to go through a few pages of this massively thick the Anoranic Chemistry book. Ew.

“It´s only few pages Harry, I´ll join you in 20 minutes, ok?” I briefly looked at him, my eyes quickly running through the whole page. Suddenly his lips are tracing my exposed neck, due to my messy bump. To be honest I haven´t brushed my hair since yesterday I guess. Oh I know what exactly he is up to. I want to resist so much but he is so incredibly persistant. I just leaned my head back, enjoying the moment.

“You should definitely come to bed.” Harry murmured to my left ear. God.

“You have a bad influence on me Styles, like really.” I turned myself on him, holding his face in my hands. “How was your day with your family?” I added and smiled at him. He went to Cheshire this afternoon and got back when I started to study. He told me I could stay at his place, since Zayn and Caroline are all over my place. They are laughing all the time, making weird noises in bathroom, smoking in our livingroom. She doesnt even do the dishes anymore! Once I found Zayn hoovering shirtless the carpet under the coffee table and Car was carefully watching him with open mouth.

Harry smiled back and exhaled heavily.”Great, Mum ask about you, how are you doing and why you didn’t come… “He frowned a little but then his cheeky smile appeared again. Then he closed all my books and added: “You have enough for today, babe. Now come to bed.” As he finished he threw himself on bed, lying on his stomach. I did the same but I felt on my back. “I am tired as hell…” I murmured and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt Harry observing me from the top. “But I am not!” He shouted and his eyes got widen. He is so serious, but I just must have laughed. “Hmmm….” I muttered and curled up like I was about to fell asleep in very first second. “Don’t you dare to fall asleep, Marine!” I didn’t reply. “Ok, your choice…” He added and suddenly his lips were glued on mine, his hands were around me like I was his own prisoner. I giggled and he joined me. “I like seeing you in my bed…” He added while his eyes were carefully meeting mine. “I like being here with you.” I replied and caressed his face. After my touch Harry stood up and did one circle around the bed. I don’t get what´s going on. After moment of silence, he finally spoke up while biting his bottom lip. “I know we have talked about this earlier but after we get back from Australia, I seriously want you living here with me.” When he finished, my eyes got widen, my stomach tightened. I seriously didn’t expect this conversation.

“You really want this…” I spoke up after moment of hesitation. I grinned and shook my head Ubelievable. This boy really wants me to move in. Suddenly was Harry sitting on the bed next to me. His hands holding mine, his thumbs making circles on my palms. “Like anything.” He replied. He stayed serious the whole time he brought this up. “You will have to shop regularly because this place has constant lack of food.” Harry laughed and added “Just when I am not here.” I raised my eyebrows. “No, this fridge is empty all the time Harry, even when you´re here.” I replied and caressed his cheek. He looks so happy right now. It´s weird that the reason is me moving in.” “I am so lucky having you.” He whispered, playing with our entwined hands. He? Having me? Oh my. “I love you so much.” I replied and kissed him. “Can we go for a walk?” I asked him, my head leaned against his chest. “Now? But it´s after midnight!” He asked grinning. “I just need a fresh air.” I smiled and he smiled back at me. “Ok, but it´s raining, put on some jacket.” Harry replied while poining his finger at me. I am just in my shorts and his Rolling Stones shirt. “I came in this.” I replied and shrugged. “Take this jacket love!” He was already standing in front of his opened closet. He withdrew his brown leather jacket. “Maybe it´s a little big for you…” He added while I was trying to find sleeves there. I giggled and he joined me. Oh I love him. 

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