Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


76. Chapter 76.

It´s just Monday and I am sure already this week will be pretty shitty. It all began when the results of one of really important test came and I found my name under the thick red line. So I need to repeat it. That´s not that awful compered to the fact that boys were too busy to came home while their 3 days off. I think all of us are going through some rough times. Especially Rosie. She has been staying at our place for 3 days, she didn’t look anywhere else then into her macbook since that rumour about Niall dating an Irish model. Rosie took it as a fun at first but then that model started to tweeting photos. Rosie maybe looks like a fragile woman but actually she is tougher than me and Car together. “Let it be Rosie, really it´s totally stupid...” Car added while putting on mascara. Rosie was still lying on a sofa with notebook on her lap: “You have no idea how much I want to slap that bitch!” Car giggled and I joined her. Rosie and bad language, it´s just doesn’t fit together.  “Did you at least tell Niall about it all?” Car added and started to apply some make up. “No?! I am not a jealousy type of girlfriend, I trust him. It´s just her who pisses me off.” She has a point actually. Car´s chuckling voice echoed through the bathroom. I was in kitchen making some cereals. “You should do the same as she did.” I intervened. Rosie´s eyes were suddenly meeting mine. She wasn’t occupied with twitter anymore. “What you mean?” She asked and waited relentlessly for me to answer. “Well, she did post there some pictures and tagged him in every tweet. You should tweet him too. But something, you know, be more personal.” When I finished I giggled, it was actually pretty schemy plan. Rosie´s eyes widened and her hands clapped. “You are a genious!” Then Car came to livingroom. All we heard was her heels hitting the wooden floor. She was wearing short red dress with a deep cut on her back. It wasn’t actually visible ´cause she was wearing a leather jacket on it. But I knew that dress. She boughed them for her first date with David. “Still, I think she is just a desperate child with her lips done...” Car was speaking while putting her earings on. Me and Rosie just stared at her. She looked incredible. “Wow girl, where are you going like this?”Rosie immediately changed the subject. “Car... the dress...” Caroline took a brief look at me. “I know. But I didn’t wear them so long. I actually missed them.” When she finished she raised her eyebrows and made a spin like some prima ballerina. “I am afraid to ask who is the lucky one since we all know it´s not Zayn...” I added and bit my bottom lip. Car suddenly got nervous and quickly sat right next to Rosie. “Guess...” She asked me but she knew what I was going to respond. “David?” I asked but it wasn’t actually an question. “Maybe?...” Car awkwardly smiled and shrugged. “Caroline!!” Rosie intervened and continued “You two are still in touch? I though you ended it all.” “I know, I did, well I did for a while. But he called me he wanted to meet up and I agreed. Rosie, I missed him. Well, as a friend of course. I just can´t erase him from my whole life. He is still a part of it.” Rosie sighted. “I know. I liked him too. But be careful, maybe he wants more then a friendship.” “Yes, honey, be careful.” I added worriedly. Car hardly sighted and went through her curly hair. “Dont worry, I know what I want. And I make sure he will be aware of it. I need to go now...” Then Car stood up and walked to her room to take her purse. Rosie and I looked at each other, hoping for what Car´s just said. Then Car blew a kiss to us and left.

@NiallOfficial Miss my Irish boy!xx

Rosie typed this into her notebook and waited for me to aprove it. “Exactly!” I smiled at her and she smiled back. “And now just wait...” I added and stood up from sofa to get back to kitchen. My bowl was almost empty so I just grabbed the box and add some more cereals. When I reached for milk Rosie shouted. “She tweeted him again!” I was about to spit it all out but I managed to swallow and I quickly run to her. She showed me her tweet.

I am not sure I want to give it to you back !!!@NiallOfficial

She also added a pic of her in that cap. So lame. Rosie laughed. “I can´t argue with someone like this...” She shook her head and sighted. I got back to my cereals bow and went through my phone. I favourited Rosie´s tweet and continued scrolling.  I found there commets like : Rosie Rosie follow me! Then You are so beautiful Rosie!. There were also some hate tweets but I didn’t bother to read them. It´s actually really cute how direcitoners react on boys´s girlfriend. El warned us that it´s pretty rough sometimes but she also mentioned how nice is to read the good ones. She was right. I smiled and put my phone away. “Niall tweeted!” Rosie shouted again and I went againt to her.

Miss my London girl!xxx @Rosie_Thredson

“aaaw!” I moaned and went to kitchen to wash my dishes. “See London girl? Like we´ve told you. There´s nothing to be worry about.” I added and smiled at her. “I want to take the first train to Newcastle right now...” She responded. I was actually pretty sure she meant it seriously. “Then take one!” I encouraged her while putting a box of milk back to fridge. Rosie stood up and spoke up proudly. “I will!” She was all happy. Her eyes were shinning like she had opened her Christmas present. Then she put her red coat and black hat on. “What time is it?” She asked while looking for her purse. “ Eight thirty...” I replied and continued watching her. “Ok, so... wish me luck!” She came closer to me and kissed my cheek. Then she stopped. “You wanna join me? Harry will be happy if you...” I cut her off. “I look terrible, I am not sure he would want to see me like this. I´ll wait until the end of the show and I´ll call him. Go now!” I smiled at her. She raised her eyebrows and then shook her head. “Ok then! Love you...” She run to hallway and I started to fully enjoy my Monday loneliness. Again.

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