Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


72. Chapter 72.



“Let´s get drunk, like right now Marine!” Caroline called me right after Harry had left.  “The Thunderbolt  pub?” I asked although I knew the answer. “I´ll be there in 20 minutes!” Then she hang up the phone and I started preparing myself for next coming hung over.

“Remember the last time we were here?” Caroline asked me while cirling the glass of red wine with her forefinger. “We were wasted.” I replied with big grin on my face. “Big time!” Carolie added. We both laughed and took a sip of 2nd glass of that delicious wine. God, everytime I drink wine my head is going to blow up in the next morning, but right now I am willing to drink the whole bottle, just to forget the fact I won´t be sleeping with Harry in the same bed tonight. Then Car cut my thoughts off. “Rosie texted me...” Then she moved her finger down on her big iPhone display.”... She is already in Dublin, boys will be on stage in 20 minutes, the flight was ok but Eleanor forgot her pills, ´cause she is afraid of flying so it was quite scary at first...” “Hon, give that phone away. No boys. No Dublin.” I ordered. Car giggled and put her phone back to bag. “I think we need something stronger that this though!” Then she raised her glass and grinned. My eyes widened and I nodded. That wine wasn’t strong enough to prevent loneliness from destroying me. While Car was flirting with the bartender so she could get one drink for free, I decided to go to jukebox. I scrolled the O-section very quickly, you know exactly why. Ohh. Calvin Harris. When I turned back, Car was already sitting at our table, playing with the straw.  Drinking From The Bottle was echoing through the whole pub and I danced to our table. When I sat next to Car, she pinched me with her forefinger. “You know who is here? Dont turn around, ok? It´s Lydia and her puppies!” Car furrowed her eyebrows and drank one of 4 shots, she brought a minute ago. Lydia was a girl, we were having Math with in highschool. She was a real whore. Like literally. She hooked up with every boy in Bristol. With Car´s David too, but before Car and him got together. She stopped talking to us, when she found out about them. But we actually didn’t care since we knew what kind of person she was. “She is on her way here, Marine....” Car´s warning came late. She was already leaning against our table with her long, tanned hands. “No waaay, Caroline and Marine are back home, what a surprise! Our London girls!” Actually this could sound thoughtful and nice, but we recognized her irony. “Hey...” I awkwardly spoke up while I noticed Car was totally ignoring her. “Did she lose her tongue in London or..? Lydia pointed her finger at Car. I wasn’t really going to aswer her stupid question but then she added: “Oh, I am silly, she did lose her tongue, but in Zayn´s Malik mouth!” Car had enough. She looked at her and finally spoke up:  “Lydia, have you a problem?” She was actually acting really peacefully. “Me? No, no problem darling. Maybe you have some, since you are dating with a child.” Oh no, she did not. “Excuse me? What did you just say?” I could tell Caroline didn’t want to play her stupid games anymore. “Lydia? he is 20 and now please go away. “ “Sorry Marine, but I am not planning to since I am having so much fun right now!” Caroline was still quiet, but I could see not for too long. Ohh, here we go... C: “I am sorry that you slept with the whole town and you have no one to fuck anymore, but ... Oh wait there is no but. I just wanted you to know that I am having fun too, with my boyfriend also. So if there is anything ....” Lydia was suddenly speechless. Thank god. “And Lyd?... David said I was better. “ Then she winked and gave her the biggest ironic grin I have ever seen on her face. “Are we done?” Car added and her right hand went through her straighten hair.  I must have laughed quietly. It was really insulting what Car brough up but on the other hand she deserved it. “Not really!” Then she walked away from us but I could still smell her parfume. “Nice.” I added and took another shot. “Thanks, that´s what 1 hour without Zayn does to me.” I laughed and started to feel shots in my head. And Car did too. We  were laughing for 10 minutes when Car took cigarettes from her bag. “Fresh air?” She asked me with a French accent. “Fresh air!” I happily replied.

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