Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


71. Chapter 71.


Caroline´s POV:

When boys went on tour, Marine and I decided to visit our family in Bristol. I am at home for three days now and all I can think about is Zayn. Sitting on the bed and looking at my purple walls made me realise how incredible my childhood was.  I mean, I am happy now as never, but all these photos with Marine: our first trip to London, she standing in the middle of fountain, she kissing my cheek at the top of the Eiffel Tower. There is also one with Rosie too. I glued it here, when I came back home for the first time after me and Marine had moved to London. In this one, we three are sitting on totally new sofa in our new apartment. Rosie is grinning, Marine is trying to look serious and I am in the middle, my arms wrapping my two best friends. *Beep* All of a sudden, my phone woke me up from deep thoughs.


Zayn: God. I miss you, Caroline. What are you doin babe?

Me: Trying not to take a first train to Cardiff.asdfghjjkl.You have no idea how hard it is:)what about you my love?xx

Zayn: We have a day off and Niall says hi. He is desperately trying to find his phone cause boys had hidden it due to Niall´s constant desire for texting with Rosie.

Me: Heey dont be mean to this cute Irish.You should stop texting me honey, cause I wasnt kidding about that train.

Zayn:  Go outside then.xx

Me: what?

My heart suddenly skipped a beat.  I have no idea where is he going with this.

Zayn:  You have a nice doorbell honey!

After this text, I automatically stood up and run quickly downstairs to livingroom. My mum was there with dad, both looking outside  the window. When they noticed my face expression, mum asked me: “Have you any idea, who can it be? That car is parked there for 10 minutes now and weird noises are comming from it.” Dad put on his glasses, watching that car precisely. I just shook my head, still trying to catch my breath from running. I quickly took one of coats, hanging on the wall. When I opened the door I couldnt believe it. Zayn was standing there. He was on our front yard, leaning against the big black car, holding his phone in his right hand.  Did I passed out in my room and this is just a really bad dream, cause I am sure when I wake up, I will be so pissed that it was just a dream. “Surprise!”  Zayn shouted from the other side of our garden. I run right towards him, my mind totally erased, my feet acting like I was drunk. He opened his strong arms and I jumped in. It was the best feeling ever. I automatically pressed my lips on his, my legs wrapped around him.  I could feel he was smiling while his lips were copying mine. “Get a roooom!” suddenly echoed from the car. It was Louis´s head, sticking out from the car window. “Heeeey!” I replied with a smile on my face. Seeing Louis´s  familiar face really cheered me up. God. Zayn literally came here. To Bristol! I can´t believe he did it. I hugged him tightly and breathed his scent in. Like my home was finally complete. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” I asked him, trying to push my tears back.  “Because of this.” Then he enclosed his palm on my cheek and then added: “Seeing you like this, like I am that lucky one, who has this privilege, to be loved by you.” I shook my head and laid my chin back on his shoulder. “How did you find out where I live?” “Marine navigated us.” I was suddenly curious. “What? You were with Marine?” Zayn smiled. “Yep, Harry actually stayed there.” “How long are you planning to be here?” I asked.   Louis cut us off and sticked his head from the car for one more time: “ Sorry guys, but Paul texted, that paps are heading to Bristol. They were clearly following us the whole time. ” “Fuck!” Zayn cursed. I was holding his hands, prepared to hide all boys at my house, just to avoid paparrazzi. “We should go Zayn.” Louis looked disappointed. He actually knows how precious is the moment when you are finally with your love.  “No! I don’t want to...” Zayn protested as a small child. I could see how that spark in his eyes disappeared.  I kissed him for the last time that day, despite the fact I didn’t want to. Although I knew he and lads needed to go. “This was the best thing you could ever do to me Zayn, I love you and now go.....!” I was trying not to fall apart in front of him. I pointed my finger on the other side of the road. “....there is a short cut to the Old Market Street then you turn left and you are on the Temple Way, on the right way to Marine´s house to pick up Harry, ok?” Zayn wrapped his hands around my waist even tighter. Then he released me and got into the car. Louis put the engine on, trying to save the situation, he smiled at me and added:  “See you soon, love!” I smiled back and replied: “Be careful boys!” Zayn looked totally disappointed. When the car disappeared in the dark, my phone beeped. It was text from Zayn: “love you too, Caroline.xx”

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