Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


69. Chapter 69.


When Niall and I reached the strike for the 6th time, I noticed Harry. Car was leaning above him, her hands put on his shoulders, while he was watching the game with his eyes closed, she was looking down, trying to cheer her and Harry up. “Harry, this is the last chance, I trust you!” I have never thought Harry and Car would be so good as a team. They were having their own victory dance everytime they hit all ten pins. Niall and I were better, though. We actually beat the team Rayn. Like Rosie and Zayn. They hardly hit a single pin, However, these two are having a good time, cheering my team up. I mean me and Niall. Zayn is trying to provoke Car and Rosie is everywhere, where´s Niall so.  “That´s not fair, Zayn, I am your girl, you should be fangirling to me, not them!” Zayn came to Car and kissed her cheek:”Love, you laughed when I didn’t knock down 3 pins. You deserve this!” We all laughed how adorable these two are. Despite the fact, that Harry knocked all ten pins down, it was obvious that they couldn’t have won. We needed just one point and the victory would have been ours. Meanwhile, Niall knocked down all  pins and I jumped at him. “Niall, Niall!!” We were dancing together in a circle, and shouting “who´s the winner!” The whole bowling arena was looking at us. Harry was smiling, while Caroline´s bottled -up feelings trying to explode. I came to Harry and hugged him. “Congratulation love, Niall…” Harry took a bow infront of me and Niall and we all laughed. This was a great night. Really. I was still leaning above sitting Harry, while Rosie was glued to Niall, clearly happy that her man won.  Car and Zayn were doing the same, except the fact that she or Zayn didn’t win. “I need to go to fresh air….” Then Car pulled cigarrets from her leather purse. After then  Zayn added: “Me too…” They both looked at each other and smiled. Smokers… I sat next to Harry, playing with his curls. “You know I let you win, right?” Harry spoke up with a smirk on his face. “Harry, we both know that´s not true.” I needed to laugh. “Marine, believe me, it is true.” I just shook my head, when Harry stood up and grabbed a bowling ball. All then pins were already set by a machine in four rows.  Then I remembered how all ten pins, without wobbling fell down. He knocked them all. Then he turned back at me and said: “See?” I was totally speechless. He was really good. So Zayn wasn’t right, that Harry is a terrible. Zayn was terrible actually. “I..I have no idea, that I am dating with a professional bowling player.” Harry just exhaled while wrapping his hands around my waist.  “I think we shouldn’t tell it to Caroline, she would ripped your head off.” I gently reminded. Niall and Rosie were apparently so busy to notice what Harry has just done. “Marine, we should repeat this, I mean we are unstoppable!” Niall was so happy . His red cheeks and blue eyes just remined me how adorable he is. Rosie put her hand on Niall´s cheek: “No way, next time it´s going to be only me and you. No switching partners.” Harry teased her: “Rosie, you werent´ satisfied with your partner?” She just shook her head and took a sip of cold water. We all knew the answer. When Car and Zayn got back, we ordered a big crispy chiken menu. We all had an amazing time together.  I am so glad these people are my friends. I mean one of them is my best and handsome mote-than-friend.  He is just laughing how Car sticked the whole chiken tigh to her mouth, only because she wanted to steel it from Niall. I guess, it was something like revenge that me and Niall won. He has no idea I am watching him right now. Something like a hunter, watching  his stuffed deer´s head above the fireplace. God. You know what I mean.  This night was really massive.

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