Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


68. Chapter 68.


When I came back from school, Zayn was lying on a sofa, drinking a can of pepsi. “ Hey Marine!” When he noticed me, a big smile appeared on his cute face. “Zayn, hello!” I looked around. “Where´s Caroline?” “In a shower…” Then I heard Car singing, well I heard that terrible echo coming from bathroom. Zayn laughed, he knew what I was thinking about. “She has been singing it all day, I can´t stop her…” “I am gonna get get get get yaa…” I just shook my head. “Right…” Then, I went to my room to change. When I got back to livingroom, Caroline was already there, in her bath robe, sitting on Zayn´s knee and brushing her wet hair. “Hi honey”  “Hey Car!” Me and Zayn looked at each other, trying not to laugh. Then I went to kitchen to pour some orage juice. “What´s your plan for today, boob? Car shouted while I was looking for a glass. “I don’t know, I think I´ll stay here, order some food, relax and stuff…” “Where´s Harry? Zayn asked, caressing Car´s naked tigh. “Well, he had some duties in radio, so…” C: “Ok, then, we were just wondering you two could joined us, in our bowling couple competition.” Well, that actually sounded good. “Niall and Rosie are coming too…” “Actually I like this idea, we are in, let me just call Harry…” “Cool!” Zayn grinned, apparently he thinks their team can beat me and Harry. I looked at him and spoke up: “Zayn? wait, you have something on your forehead…” He stopped smiling. I came closer to him, like I was going to see what´s there. “You have written there that you´re a looser. And your girlfriend too.” They both laughed and Zayn replied:  “That´s pathetic Marine, Harry is a terrible in it and I assume you too so…” “We will see…” I whispered and went to my room. I grabbed my phone and laid my self on bed.  “Hey love!” Husky voice echoed through my right ear. “Harry, honey, where are you?” “On my way home, why?” “Zayn and Caroline are going to play bowling, and I have told them we are going with them. Niall and Rosie are going to be there too. It´s like a couple tournament.” “God, of course we are in. I am so good in this and Zayn can´t play bowling at all.” I laughed cause Zayn said the same about Harry. “well, then come here, I´ll put some victorious dress on and then we could go…” “Ok,ok, I´ll be there in 10. Love you.” “Love you too.” When I hung up, I went to closet to find something, which would represent how amazing couple me and Harry are. When I got to livingroom, Car was already dressed up: “So, where is your other half? You know which one, the curly one, on which shoulder you are going to cry on, when you will lose.” This is going to be a really funny night. “That half is right here…” Harry was suddenly standing behind me, with a smirk on his face, trying to look serious. I looked at him and smiled. He did too. Then Zayn came out from Car´s room and took Caroline´s hand. She grinned and they both walked to hallway. “Ready?” Harry asked me, pulling me closer to his chest.  “I´ve missed you today.” I whispered, my face buried in his jumper. Then he gently pulled me away and kissed me. “I was craving to do this the whole day.” I laughed and we both went outside to Harry´s car.

When we got there, Rosie and Niall were already sitting in our booth. They waved at us, so we could noticed them. Car and Zayn sat right next to them and me and Harry sat on the separate chairs. Niall´s hand was wrapped around Rosie´s shoulder. These two were smiling the whole time, we got here. Then Rosie spoke up. “So, the plan was this was going to be a couple tournament, but me and Niall decided it would be so much fun, if we were devided into 3 groups, like this:  girls will choose one of you boys, to be in a team with them. However, girls, you can´t choose your partner. I mean I can´t choose Niall, Marine, no Harry, and Car can´t pick Zayn. Got it?” Wow, we weren’t expecting this. I mean I was ready for kicking Zayn and Car ass. Car and Zayn looked sad. I must have laughed. Harry squeezed my hand.  “So, Marine, you go first.” Then I realized, what Harry told me that Zayn is a terrible player. So…” I choose Niall.” Niall smiled at me and replied: “Marine, this was your best choise so far.” We both laughed and made high five. “In this case, Car you got Harry and I am with Zayn.” Rosie said with a smirk on her face. “Let the game begin then!” Harry shouted and we all raised our cola glasses.


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