Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


64. Chapter 64.


I was in my room when Car opened the door. She was all dressed up, her hair done in messy curls.” I am going to Zayn´s. “ I winked at her. “You look stunning Car!” “This? Nah. That´s just my warm up clothes.”  I assumed she has prepared something for Zayn tonight. I laughed.  She was leaning against the door frame. “Is Harry stopping by tonight?” “Well, actually I didn’t speak with him since this morning. I´ll call him.” “Cool, so… wish me luck!” She grinned and walked away. I shouted:  “Say Zayn hi from me!” She was already in hallway but she shouted back: “Sure honey, bye!” Then she slammed the door. I reached for my phone to dial Harry´s number. He didn’t pick up. Weird. When I was walking to kitchen, the door bell rang. I run to hallway and opened the door. “Hi!” It was Harry. Charmig as always. “Hey, Curly!” I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him. “ I was just thinking about doing cupcakes, so you are here in time!” “You said you were just thinking about it, when they aren’t done yet, why am I here in time?” He was confused. “You are going to help me Harold.” He laughed and we both went to kitchen. While I was mixing eggs, Harry was preparing toping. “Love, add a one more spoon of sugar.” I was looking at him through my shoulder. “You don’t believe me with this, do you!?” He sounded hurt. I wiped the flour from my hands and put my hands on his shoulder. “You´re the best “ I whispered to his left ear. “I was working in bakery and helping my mum I have to be the best.” He wasn’t noticing my touches  so dedicated he was to this toping. I just laughed. Then I continued with dough. While I was poring dough to little cups, my phone started to ring. Harry was observing me, with his hands leaned against the counter. He grabbed my phone and picked up. “No, it´s Harry.” I have no idea who was on the other side. “Yes, she is here…” Then he covered phone with his hand and whispered: “That´s some Andy, he wants to speak with you.” Oh crap. “Tell him I don’t want to.” I was bitting my nails. “She doesn’t want to man.” I heard the silence. “Bye.” When Harry hung up, he furrowed his eyebrows. “Who is this Andy? Why don’t you want to speak with him?” I took a deep breath, put cupcakes in the owen and told Harry the whole story.  “So you met him today…” “Yes…” “What a jerk…” He looked pensive. His eyes never leaving the floor. I sat closer to him and played with one of his curls. “But now I have you, only you so…” He cut me off and looked at me. “But you loved him, right?” I enclose my face to his, my cheek leaning against his. “I don’t know…maybe, it was a little confusing.” “ When he call again I wont be polite this time.” “I hope so.” Then I kissed him as a sign of not talking about Andy anymore.

Rosie´s POV:

When we got back from our parents, I sat infront of my PC, scrolling twitter. Niall was somewhere with boys. He appearently missed one rehearsal while we were away. While I was scrolling I found one tweet. Rosie- sleeping beauty. Hahah @Rosie­­_Thredson. There was photo of me sleeping. Niall was lying next to me, grinning as a small child. Oh God. I love him so much. One part of me is angry but the other is trying to figure out, what is about that boy. For example Daniel. He was handsome and intelligent and everything. However he wasn’t not even close to Niall´s perfection.

Car´s POV:

“You know love, I feel sorry for those people who won´t see you tonight.I mean I would be glad to showing off with you, you look incredible tonight. But on the other hand I am happy to have you only for myself. “ “I thought we were going out tonight…” I put my hands on Zayn´s tighs, slowly tracing up to his stomach. “Maybe later…” Then my lips finally found his. I can tell you, we didn’t go out that night.

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