Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


63. Chapter 63.


When I woke up I noticed Harry was still sleeping. I reached for my phone to look what time it was. 9 a.m. I gently stood up, not to wake him up. When I grabbed my jeans and cardigan from the floor, he mumbled. “ Marine…” He wiped his eyes.” ... Where are you going?” “To corner shop, buy something for breakfast, I am sure there is nothing in fridge, and I didn’t even look in there. “ Harry knew I was right, this place miss woman´s touch.  He smiled and shook his head. Then added: “How you feel?” “A lot betters so better that I can kiss you and have no regrets.” He grinned while I put my lips on his. It was just a gentle kiss but I could feel how happy he was, that last night was behind us. “ I ´ll be right back.” I smiled and left his room. 

While I was traveling through the whole shop, desperately trying to find bananas, somone´s hand landed on my shoulder. “Marine?” I turned around. God. That´s Andy. Messy blond  hair Andy.  I smiled at him, trying to cover my quickly beating heart. “Andy, what a surprice…” “What are you doing in this area, I thought you still live in Shavtesbury Avenue. „ I do, I am here... Well I am just shopping here.“ I raised that bunch of bananas in my hand.“...best bananas in London, you know?“ He laughed and that remebered me long time ago when I was desperately in love with him. It all happened like 2 years ago. We were both trapped in railway station. Both of our trains were delayed.  We started talking and... He was totally different like anyone else. I dont know, maybe his calm voice and  his big blue eyes affected me so much back then. We met up in London few times, until he told me he had a girfriend. And then it all ended. “I see…” He shook his head. Then he looked at the ground. “Maybe we should go out for coffe some day.” His eyes were melting me. Even though old Marine would say yes, the new one denied his offer. “I am sorry Andy, I don’t think that´s a good idea. Anyway, I need to go now so…Bye!” I quickly paid for that purchase and walked away. When I got to Harry´s I could hear him taking shower. Well I heard him singing in bathroom so I assumed that. “I am here!” I shouted and went to kitchen. When I poured orange juice to blue glasses, Harry came to me from behind. “Finally.” He was swaying us. His wet body was glued to mine. “ I am sorry I didn’t wait for you with shower but you were there for too long.” I am fully aware I should tell him about Andy. But we have just overcome a huge fight. “ I am here now and since you didn’t wait up, I am going to take shower on my own.” I kissed his nose and went to bathroom. When I got back Harry was already dressed up. He was wearing his Hipsta Please t-shirt and denim shirt on it. I couldn’t help myself. “You know how much I love this shirt..” I was taking steps forward.”…But I really liked you undressed as well.” He laughed. “See? You have missed your chance again.” I laughed. When I was finally standing right infront of him I pulled him closer to me and whispered. “What a shame…”Then he wrapped his hands around my waist. I was wearing just a towel. “ And maybe this is your lucky day.” I couldn’t  stand it. I kissed him. This was totally different kiss like that in the morning.  I must admit I like this much more.

When I got home, Caroline eyes were glued to her Macbook pro. “Heey, I was worried about  you  since you didn’t call last night…” “Don’t remind me last nigh…” I laid my self on a sofa. Then I continued. “Me and Harry had this huge fight about tour and all linked with it.” She suddenly folded her notebook and put it on the coffe table. “What happened?” Her eyes were full of worries. “He was saying like we have lack of time to be together and that kind of stuff. It seemed like it was my fault. However we are good now. “ Harry is idiot sometimes.” I furrowed my eyebrows. “ I mean he acted like one.”  We both laughed, when I remembered what I wanted to say to her since I got from Harry´s car. “You won´t believe who I met in corner shop!” Her eyes widened. “Who??”  I replied: “Andy!” “Blue eyed Andy with sexy hands? “ “Yep, that Andy.” “No way!” “He asked me to go for coffe some day!” “I hope you said no to that cute moron.” “I did. But you should see him, when I said it.” “You told him about Harry?” Car was asking me questions, that I didn’t like. “I didn’t. I just…” “Marine, he played with you like for 6 moths, until he admitted he had a girl and you didn’t returned it to him?” “That´s not revenge I am with Harry now.” Car shook her head. “Your choice.” She smiled and went to kitchen.

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