Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


62. Chapter 62.


“Nice to meet you, Marine!”  He pulled his hand from his pocket. I awkwardly shook his hand, still trying to realize what´s going on. Harry was smiling, his hands put on a wheel:  “I am starving, you two!” Ed put his hand on Harry´s shoulder: “Pizza, pizza pizza!” They looked like children. Harry laughed and we continued in our ride.

We were talking almost for an hour about Ed´s songwriting, about tour and traveling, while eating  best pizza in London. I could see people whispering, they obviously recognized boys. When the waitress took empty glass from table, I totally shivered. Harry´s hand landed on mine. “Love, are you ok?” Ed suddenly stopped talking and stared at me. “I think it´s just a little cold in here, you don’t think so?” I replied reaching my coat from chair. Harry´s eyes widened. “Marine, I could feel the heat coming from your skin.” Then he put his hand on my forehead and added: “You have a fever.” Well, ok, maybe I wasn’t feeling ok since we have got to Harry´s car, but Ed Sheeran took me by surprise so maybe I just thought that´s was due to him. Harry suddenly spoke up , his eyes trying to find someone.. “I don’t see waitress here.” Then he kissed my forehead. “I am going to find her and then we go home, ok?” I smiled. So now there was only me and Ed. After moment of silence Ed spoke up. “He´s so lucky to have you, and so are you. I see you two sittining on the porch, playing bingo and taking care of your own grandchildren.” I laughed. “Well, I hope Harry would still have his curly hair.” He laughed and added: “Of course, I don’t think he would look good bald-headed.” I awkwardly looked on the ground: “Well, thank you …” Then Harry showed up. E:“Guys, I am staying here for a while, my friends should came here  in any minute so…”  Harry was helping me with putting my coat on. M: “Thank you for an amazing night, I hope I see you soon.” In my head I was screaming, because I wasn’t just hoping. God, I really want to consider him as my friend.”Of course Marine, I really enjoyed this with you guys.” Harry smiled politely. He was suddenly so protective: “Ok man I´ll call you…” “Love let´s go!” Harry took my hand and we walked to our car. It was parked on the other side of the street, so we walked a little while. “You should have told me you weren’t feeling ok…” It seemed like he was mad.  “I am sorry, but that whole Ed thing…. And you know how much I adore him and everything.” Harry stopped walking. We were standing in the middle of pavement. He turned to me, his eyes meeting mine. His hands were tightly holding mine. “Still, you should tell me, we have lack of time. I mean the tour starts soon and ….” I got it. He was sad, ´cause if I spend week in bad with fever, the time we should spend together will be wasted. “Harry…” He cut me off. “Don’t you get it? I leave in two weeks, Marine, two weeks and…” Sudennly I was pissed. He is saying all that, like was my fault.”And you think I don’t know about that? You think I am thrilled to be without you for months? It´s not that simple Harry…” I was wipping my tears off with my warm hand. I felt like I was on fire. This fight didn’t help my shivering body. I pulled my hand out of his and run forward. I could feel him watching me leaving. But he was just standing there. He didn’t run after me. And that caused tears stream down my face. I was trying not to fall apart. My legs were walking away full of strength, but my brain was totally turned off. I suddenly didn’t know where I was going. I was lost. In the city, where I knew every dirty corner, I was lost. The dark and tears were covering my eyes. I stopped. I was fully aware of all that looks glued at me but I didn’t care. I leaned against some brick building. My hands put on my ears, trying to hear my own thoughs, just in case my brain would wake up. And he did. I repeated what happened 3 minutes ago. He was scared, but so was I. I screwed that. I overdid it. My ears were still covered by my hands but I was pretty sure I heard someone screaming my name. I saw him. He was desperately looking for me. I saw him asking for me by some strangers. They were just shaking their heads. I took few steps forward, enough for him to see me. He was on the other side of the street. Then I remember him running across the road, trying to avoid cars. “I am sorry Harry.” My look was desperate. I was trying to see forgiveness in his eyes. “I am moron.” And I did. “Come to me..” He opened his arms and I sneaked in. “I am afraid of losing you, I know you came on tour after few months but…” I cut him off.“Please let´s go home…” He looked at me, his hands holding my face: “I love you.” “I love you.”

When Harry laid me to his bed I woke up. “We are at my place, you fell asleep in car, I didn’t want to wake you so…” I noticed I was wearing his shirt. “And I change your clothes so you…” “Harry stop.” I laughed sleepy:  “Thank you.” He smiled at me and turning the lights off. “ You are leaving?” I suddenly spoke up. My heart was beating quickly. I was scared. “No, babe.” In the dark I could see shadows of him. He laid himself right next to me. Then he kissed my burning lips and I fell asleep.

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