Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


6. Chapter 6.


Chapter 6.

How does he know my name? We have never been introduced. I have never speak about Harry with Louis. What the f...? I am dizzy right now. Apparently he has noticed, I am confused and everything. „Yeah, that´s me, Harry, I am sorry, did I scare you? You seem to be frightened of me.“ Well, actually I am. „No, not at all, I just did not expect it would be you.“ I am a terrible liar. „I am sorry, did I interupt you or you have been waiting for someone to meet, or...?“ He looked disappointed. „No, no, I was just really pensive and I did not realise that someone was after me.“ I smiled at him incertainly. „ God, I am fool and rude. I did not realise that you and me have never met before. Marine, I am Harry, and I know about you Marine from Louis and, god.“ Oh, he must notice, how freaked I am. He continued:“ You looked like you are lost or something, I saw you walking down this street, in this storm  and I thought you would need a ride. But apparently, you are just enjoying this amazing weather. I am such a idiot.“ He said it with resignation. „Well, it is really nice of you, really but I really am enjoying this weather.“ I smiled at him, so he could see that it  was no big deal, he was wrong.“Ok, then, I didn´t want to interrupt.“ His nose was so red, then I noticed he was just in a dark hoodie, without the coat. „It is freezing, you should go back, you will get flue.“ Then I realised he introduced himself before about 5 minutes. „ I am Marine!“ I screamed and raised my hand up like a polite  gesture.  God, I screwed this up, cool now I look like a freak. He clearly forgot about his introducing 5 minutes ago. „ Nice to meet you Marine!“ He laughed and shaked my hand. I am wearing a mittens. Great, now I look stupid. I took my gloves off, so we could shake hands properly. His hand was ice-cold. „ Ok Harry go back to your car because  I don´t want to be responsible for your illnes.“ God, I must look like his mum. Marine, shut up already! „It is 8 p.m., it is too late for you to walk through the city alone. Now it is my obligation to drive you home!“ Oh, I haven´t  noticed how green his eyes  are. Ever. „Well, it is really nice of you..“ -Marine, be careful what are you going to say- „I don´t want to bother you.“ You are a chicken, do you hear me? Chicken! „Stop it,I insist!“  I swear he dumped. „You are right, what a girl would I be, if I would reject Harry Styles´s offer to drive me home.“ I shook my head ironically. He smiled „My car is over there!“ He pointed his finger to the fog and directed us to his car.  God, it´s warm here. Now I am thinking it it wasn´t too much, when he opened  the door of his car for me. He is really famous and everything, I hope I did not looked sniffy. „So lady, where it will be?“ He turned windcreen wipers on and changed gear. Maybe I should say at first, that guy driving his car is kind of seducing thing for me. Maybe there is too hot here now. Damn! I am quiet like for 2 minutes. „Shavtesbury Avenue, I live nearby.“ He is so sweet. I have never ever thought about him in that way. He has these cute little cheek dimples, and adorable smile. He looks like the cutest giant baby. And when I say giant I really mean it. He is like 2 meters tall and god, his shoes are so big! „It is too bad you live there, it is like only 5 minutes  by car. And I wanted to ask you so many questions. There is no time for so many questions, Marine!“ I laughed sincerely. „You ...have questions... for me?“ „Of course I have, you are still covered in snow, and you are still shaking, apparently you were walking there really long time, And the only person I know, who is capable of such a thing and it is me.“ I was speechless. God, no! „Harry, although I would love to answer all of your questions, we are here.“ He looked around, I was right. So he stopped the car. „Marine, we aren´t  done here.“ He said it with really hilarious accent like from Bond movie. „Thanks for a ride. I owe you.“ I smiled at him and opened the car door. Then I looked at him once again:“ Harry?“ He looked at me with his adorable smile on face: „Yes?“ „I was walking there alone, because I was tired of everything. And I really do love snow. I hope this sufficient answer.“ I looked at him one more time,so I could remeber his eyes properly. „Good night.“ Then I slammed the door.

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