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Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


59. Chapter 59.


Chapter 59.

Rosie´s POV:

My eyes had been closed since Niall and Harry laid me to bed. When Niall turned lights in room off, I screamed: “I am alive!” I literally gave him a heart attack. He was totally surprised. Well, I am pretty good actress when it comes to fake sleep. I was doing it a lot of when I was a child. Just because I didn’t want to go to bed on my own. “Rosie! Shhhh!” He put his finger on lips.“ Then the big grin appeared on his face. “ I knew it!” I laughed, still laying in bed, covered in blanket, when Niall jumped to bed and slipped under the duvet with me. “I see you had a great night.” “Well, it´s only because you came.” His eyes were never leaving mine. He was looking at me like hunter at his prey. But I was faster. I put my warm lips on his. He wasn’t surprised at all. Just the opposite. He pulled me closer to him, his hands traveling my back then he suddenly stopped. “Rosie? I am little worried about tomorrow…” “Niall, stop it, you are going to be the best as always.” He raised his eyebrows and shook his head. “ It´s like… this is for the first time I am going to meet girl´s parents… and little sister.” “She is 14. Love, I can assure you it´s going to be great. Believe me.” He smiled. “I love you Rosie.” God. I love when he says that. “I love you too. But you know that so, please don’t waste our time speaking…” Then I enclosed my lips to his and we continued when we had stopped.

Caroline´s  POV:

“Why did you come last night anyway?” I spoked to Zayn, cuddled with him in cold bed. God I need to tell about this freaking broken heating to Marine. Zayn´s hand wrapped around  me, while the other one was caressing my hair. “I had texted you back then.” I immediately reached for my phone. The big envelope was shining in left corner of display. “Shit.” I put my phone back on my night stand and then cuddled deeper to Zayn´s chest. “I am sorry,if I overdid it last night.” I could hear his laugh as his chest raised up. “Don’t apologise Caroline. I enjoyed last night as much as you did. Trust me.” I turned my head on him. He was smiling at me and my heart just stopped beating for a while.  Zayn noticed my goose bumps. “Here..” He reached for his shirt under the bed. “Thank you love.” I put it on and stood up so I could make a ponytail. Z:“Let me make you breakfast!” I smiled and clapped my hands a little.  He had just winked at me and stood up from bed to put his black jeans on. I kissed him on a cheek, when he took my hand and we walked to kitchen together.

Oh god. This is like the worst hangover ever. Sunlight coming through  gaps between curtains burn my eyes. My lungs are still filled with smoke. My hair smells like I spend night with bunch of smoking weed hippies. “Good morning!” Suddenly echoed in my head. I turned my head to left. Harry. His messy curls were spread all over his angel face. “Harry I am sorry, I must act horrible last night.” I start up with apologizing. He furrowed his eyebrows. “Marine…” I cut him off. “Harry, I feel like crap and honestly I have no idea what happened last night.” He smiled at me. “Well, from where I was standing I can tell you, you enjoyed it.  You girls were so funny.” He laughed when he probably pictured us stoned as never.  “I need to take a shower, this is not bearable anymore…” He pulled me closer and kissed my lips. “Don’t go…” he whispered. I jumped from bed and put on Harry´s shirt just in case somebody would be already woken up. “I need to…” I talk to him while searching for one sock. My room is a mess right now. He closed his eyes and threw his head on pillow so hard, that the whole bed was trembling. “I´ll be right back!” Clearly he was sulking, cause he had just mumbled. I kissed his exposed cheek and run quickly to bathroom. When I got back I heard noises in kitchen, so I went there and all 5 were already sitting by the table clearly enjoying peaceful morning with fresh orange juice and toasts.  Caroline was sitting in Zayn´s lap sipping juice, while Zayn was joking with Niall. Rosie was sitting right next to them, eating  butter toast by small pieces.  Niall was in kitchen, standing by the toaster. He was appearently the chef there. Harry was sitting next to Rosie, drawing something with his finger on the table, like he was explaining something to her. M:“Morning” Then Car shouted. “There she is, come, sit with us.” She pointed at free chair next to Harry. Niall noticed my presence. “Toast, Marine?” He asked me with adorable smile. God, just thought about food made me feel sick. I politely smiled back. “No thank you Niall, I think I´ll skip breakfast, or any other food today.” Zayn laughed: “You are that case. Only one of ten people who smoked weed got hangover like they were drinking all night. That´s the magic of weed, you won´t be sick in the morning, well except you.” He laughed. Then I realized he was right. No one, sitting at this table doesn’t look as bad as I do. Rosie is fresh like she spent weekend in spa, Car is cheerful as usuall. I buried my head in my hands and moaned: “I feel like someone hit me with pan.” Then I felt gentle touch on my back. I looked through my fingers. It was Harry. “ As long as I know, no one did it.” He grinned and moved his hand to my wet hair to put loose strand behind my ear. I was relieved, apparently he wasn’t angry at me anymore. I smiled and slightly closed my eyes after his touch. Then Harry looked back at table and enclose the glass to his mouth. He didn’t finished it: “Girls, I hope you will enjoy us on rehearsal today!” Zayn looked at Car and added: “Yep, l hope you didn’t planed anything for today.” Car looked at him and smiled. “yeey, I´ll be there!” Then she kissed him. Niall spoke up: “Rosie, when do we hit the road?” Rosie looked at him with smile on her face:“Maybe around  6 p.m.? just to arrived in time for a dinner.” Niall smiled while leaning above Rosie´s head. “So we will go there right after rehearsal, great!” Rosie leaned her head back so she could face Niall. She smiled at him and then her lips asked for kiss. He kissed her and then got back to kitchen.  Harry was looking at me, waiting for me to respond. I grinned at him. “Sure love!” Then leaned my head against his left shoulder and breathed in the scent of his shirt. I stole his in bedroom, so he must put on the new one from his stack in my closet. I love having his clothes there. I was still felling sick, the smell of that warm toast didn’t help it. Harry noticed my hard exhale. “Marine, you don’t look good, ´common, let me take you to bed…” He stood up and took my hand. I was totally a walking corpse. When he laid me in bed and covered me with the blanket, I couldn’t be more thankful. I just love him so much. The way I feel when he takes care of me. I just want to tight him up to me and never release him.  “Thank you Curly, I love you.” He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. His paperplane tickled my nose. He laughed: “You´re so cute” I closed my eyes when the world finally stopped spinning. I felt Harry´s hand enclosed to my cheek and then fell asleep.

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