Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


58. Chapter 58.


Boys sat us on a sofa. Niall was trying to resist Rosie´s intimate touches, while helping her stood up from floor.  Harry went to kitchen and brought us 3 bottles of sparkling water. Zayn was standing in front of us. His speech seemed like he is really liberal parent. “So girls, tell me how much did you have?” Car had spoken up like first. “3 joints, each of us?” She raised 3 fingers in the air observing them with open mouth. “Ok love, and when did you smoke last one?” Car smiled as he called her love and replied: “Maybe like tree…. thousand years … BC?” Her tone was getting higher with every spoken world.” Then she fell from sofa on her knees, laughing as never. Zayn immediately took her and sat her back. Rosie was still charmed by Niall. She was touching his shoulders then arms,  checking every muscle of his body. Then she gently laid her head in Niall´s lap and closed her eyes. N:” She has just fallen asleep…” Niall automatically answered our unspoken question, when our heads turned on her. My mind was practically sober, but when it comes to talking: “Dj Malik, I really don’t remember the last one….Caroline was the leading one. I am not…even sure what day is it.” My eyes were trying to focus on Zayn´s face but unsuccessfully. Harry squeezed my knee and gently whispered: “Tuesday, darling.” Zayn exhaled. “What are we gonna do with you…” He shook his head, still smiling, when Car jumped at him and wrapped her hands around his neck. “I know what I am going to do with you!” “Car you need to…” She cut him off with kiss. Caroline didn’t care if we were around them. She probably totally forgot about it. Niall spoke up: “Well, I am going to take Rosie to bed, tomorrow I am going to meet her family and…” “Wohou bro, be careful!” Harry immediately stood up and helped Niall with Rosie´s sleeping body. I laid my self on sofa. Trying to remember everything. How long we were like this, why were boys there with us, what´s name of my dog in Bristol. Every piece of information was spinning in big whirl. I was so confused but on the other hand I knew I was having a great time. When I opened my eyes, Zayn and Caroline weren’t in living room anymore. Harry and Niall were still in guest room, taking care of Rosie. I decided to take a quick shower when big hands wrapped my waist. Harry.

Zayn´s POV:

I knew that if I made love with Car now, it would be like taking advantage of small child. Literally. She is so wasted! I have no idea how we got to her room. She was kissing my lips then she traveled to my neck. After that  she tried to loose my belt. “Car I love you, and I can´t believe I am saying this but I don’t think it´s a good idea to…” I didn’t say the whole sentence, ´cause one look on Car´s naked body, standing right in front of me made me speechless. She was looking at me with puppy eyes. I was trying to put my leather jacket on her but she shook it off and pulled me closer. My eyes meeting hers. ”Love, I think it´s greatest idea!”

Car´s POV:

I am pretty sure I will be so ashamed in the morning but fuck it. I am sure too that I want Zayn so fucking much. I am standing naked in front of him, waiting for him to change his mind. I am ready to do everything what it takes to made him mine tonight. I genly took his leather jacket off. I could see how he exhaled and how his warm breath ticked my neck. I kissed him on his nose and begged: “Please.” He didn’t make a move. Ok. One more time. I kissed his collar bone, breathing his scent in: “Please.” That didn’t work either. I slowly put my hands under his black t- shirt, tracing to his chest with my long nails. “ Please, I am totally sane. See?” I could see him closing his eyes after my touch. Then he grabbed my naked body, his warm hands sticked to my pale and cold skin. He kissed my lips, so passionately that I couldn’t think anymore. My mind stopped working. All I was listening to was my heart telling me he is the one I love.

“Young lady, don’t you think to run away from me, why didn’t you tell me you girls had weed?” I slowly turned around to face him. “I don’t know, so you didn’t think about me that I am…” “….God Marine stop it, I am not judging you at all.” He smiled and his dimples became more visible. “ But when you said that I am fucking stoned I thought you were….” He raised his eyebrows, his hands still wrapped around me. “… I wasn’t anything. Well frankly I find you so fucking hot right now.” His eyes meeting mine. The big grin appeared on my face. “Curly!” “What, you have said it first I was hot, remember?!” He was smiling as a little boy, who knows he will get what he wants. Soon. M: “Cause you are.” He shook his head and moved his hands on my shoulder. “Marine? Please, can I take off your clothes already?” 

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