Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


57. Chapter 57.


“Are you crazy Car?” I asked accusingly. She just laughed. “Marine, don’t be pussy, it´s just weed. Ellie said it´s totally safe, right from the source.Plus, it would be fun! I promise!” Caroline was trying to persuade me, holding a small paperback with big grin on her face. I was quiet for a while. Bitting my bottom lip. “I know you want to.” Caroline filled that silence. I shooked my head and spoke up: “Fine, but promise me you wont tell about it to anybody. Harry especially!” She laughed out loud, clearly excited with me agreeing. “I promise, I wont tell Zayn either. Well, we tried this once together, but I don’t wanna look like a junkie. “ “You are a badass first of all, you know that, right?” She laughed: “I know, by the way, Rosie´s on her way. I didn’t tell her about our green session so it will be surprise!” I just raised my eyebrows. Rosie is pretty strict when it comes to drugs. Or drinking. Well, except that night when she got wasted and Niall took care of her for the rest of that night. Caroline noticed my face expression. “Don’t look at me like that, I think she would love to get stoned with us.” I smiled. “Well, good luck with that Car.” Ok, so we are going to smoke weed. Just three of us. God, I am going to kill that girl!  I texted Harry about our girl´s night. I described it like peaceful sleepover with Rosie, watching films  with bottle of wine. Harry texted me back right after I put on baggy hoodie. “Ok love, enjoy tonight! See you tomorrow and no boys allowed! Love you xx”  When Rosie arrived with tons of food, cause Caroline said her so, I immediately walked out of my room, came to her to warned her. Car was in living room, making playlist for this green evening. I took my chance and whispered: “Car got weed, we are going to get wasted, be cool.” Rosie winked at me and shouted to Car while putting foodstuffs to fridge: “ Darling, I am here, so what is this food for?” Then Car run out from her room, jumping in the air, holding that familiar paperbag. C: “Surpriiiise!Caroline got weed for us!” R: “awesome, when do we start?” Rosie was so casual saying this. Caroline looked accusingly at me: “ I told you she would be cool with this.” Car said it with big grin on her face, openening that bag. Well I am surprised too. Since she has been with Niall, she is opened to more things. More open-minded and well basically she is so cheerful. It´s so obvious that she and Niall are having a good time.  “ Lighter!” She shouted and run to hallway to withdraw a lighter from her coat pocket. Clearly she is smoking again. Who I am kidding, she is smoking with Zayn all the time actually. God, now I have realized that. Then she run back to us, sat on carpet. In living room was already echoing the Black Keys. We saw them in this club in west London. They were amazing. Not my point. Car was now so focused on making tree joints. “You looked pretty convincing, like you were doing this often.” Rosie praised her. Car raised her head, licking the skin and then rolling it. “My first time actually. I saw Zayn doing this.” Then she continued with preparation. Me and Rosie were slowly getting to mood, swaying to music rhythm even though we didn’t smoke yet. “Done!” Car spoke up and showed us tree joints on her palm. Rosie with no hesitation took one. Car held lighter under it and Rosie inhaled for the first time that night. After that Car lighted her joint too and let it in her mouth while lighting mine. I wasn’t aginst smoking inside our apartment actually.Weird. First it tasted like normal cigarette. After moment, music got louder. Well in my mind only. It is here.  The brightness came to my eyes. Rosie and Car were dancing on the coffe table. Laughing while rising their hands in the air. Their faces looked different. I didn’t recognized that two dancing girls. I was a little confused. Then Car took my hand and I joined them on that coffe table. “ This is so fuuuuuun!” Rosie was totally stoned. “This is magical!” She was talking with her hands put on her head. She was fully enjoing it. “I knooow!I am so hungry thought!” Then Car stood up from table to floor, staggering she walked to kitchen and pulled out banana from frigde. She didn’t even eat it, she was just pretending it was mike. The whole room was trebling, all what girls said were funniest things ever. I reached for the glass of pepsi, still dancing. I took one look at Rosie. Her eyes were closed, she was slowly swaying, her hands buried in her hair. Then I saw Car´s phone talking to me. Literally. Wowow. I stammered: “C-c-car your phone has just told me you´ve got text.” She laughed out loud, pouring wine to her glass. “Did he tell you who is it from too?” “No, but Car, I am not kidding your pho…” Car cut me off.“Well then I am not interested.” She was dancing all the way to living room, with raised glass.  Then I noticed Rosie on the carpet. She was lying there, laughing at me.”God…. The talking phone… I am going to wet myself… haha…” “Stop it, it really happened, her phone told me…” Apparently I had realized I was just stoned as fuck. Then I joined Rosie on the carpet laughing my soul out.  “I can´t believe that just one joint can do things like this to me. “ Car shooked her head and laughed. “Honey, we got 3 already.” “What? It seemed to me..” We all giggled, lying on our backs, looking on the ceiling, when the door knocking echoed from hallway. “SHIT!” Car cursed while brushing rests of weed under the carpet. “Cool Car, it must be neighbours or something, I´ll go there.” Rosie offered herself, totally normally, like she wasn’t smoking at all. She quickly stood up from floor and then walked to open. It might have taken her  like  2 minutes but for me it was an eternity, when she got back to us. Me and Car still looking up, not caring who it was, when 3 familiar heads appeared above us. “ No way!” Zayn shouted grinning at us, his eyes widened. Harry was standing right next to him. His mouth was opened, but I could see he was smiling. “And I thought it was just the movie night.” I immediately stood up, trying so hard not to fell down. I could see Rosie´s grin when Niall put his hand on her face. N:”I see, you are having good time baby.” He said with calming voice. Caressing her right cheek. Rosie just shook her head and kissed him. He totally surprised kissed her back. My sight suddenly fell on the boy standing right next to me. My head was spinning around, my feet loosing balance, when I felt cold breath on my neck.  I immediately turned around, to face him. He was wearing grey V shirt and denim jacket. I bit my bottom lip. M: “You are so hot.” Then Harry wrapped his hands around my waist and with smile on his face shouted: “You are so fucking stoned Marine!”


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