Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


56. Chapter 56.


Rosie´s POV:

“No mum… yes… don’t worry about me.. No!” I was calling with my mum. She was a little scared, when I told her about my illness from last week. “Honey, just be careful, you know how overcaring I could be when it comes to my sweet heart.” She meant when it comes to illness. Our whole family went though rough time when Petulia was diagnosed with cancer. “Mum, trust me.” “Okey Rosie, since you didn’t come visit us when daddy celebrated his birthday, I assume you would have time now to visit us.” Oh. I have totally forgotten about dad´s birthday. “Well and Daniel is invited as well.” Another oh.  I assume I didn’t tell her about our break up. “Well, mum… me and Daniel… aren’t together anymore…” It was quiet for a little while. “I see. That´s ok sweetie, you can be now focused only on school, you need no boy to…”  “Well actually, I have somebody to bring with me. His name is Niall.” While I pronounced  his name, the big grin appeared on my face. I wanted so bad to Niall meet my little sister. “Amazing! So see you tomorrow!” “Wait, what… tomorrow? I thought you all are in Rome this whole week.” My parents live in countryside, 30 km north from London, so maybe it is a little sad I don’t visit them more often. “No honey, daddy had to cancel that. It has something to do with London exchange market.” Well, my dad is a broker so every little change in stock market influenced him.  I was walking to Niall´s apartment during this whole conversation. “Ok then, I´ll call you later. Love you mum.” I was right infront of Niall´s apartment. The entrance door was opened, Niall leaning against the door frame, waiting for me. “Daddy and I are looking forward to meeting this Niall boy, and...” I was so charmed by Niall´s smile so I didn’t let my mum to finish. “…bye mum” I pushed red button and jumped into Niall´s opened arms. “There is my love…” He spoke to my hair, feeling his warm breath I had lost my consciousness. “I´ve missed you.” I was talking to his chest, still buried in his red hoodie, breathing in his incredible scent. When we slowly walked inside his apartment, he gently took my hand and kissed my palm. He sat us on a sofa. I could see his guitar, lying on a floor. “You were playing?” I asked him with smile on my face. I love him playing guitar. Niall is the best musician in the whole world. Every tone that came from his guitar calmed me, made me feel careless. He grinned. “Yes, but it is nothing…” He looked down on floor. “Hey you, you have composed something?” I put my hand on his chin, trying to raise his head up. His amazingly blue eyes never leaving mine were suddenly full of enthusiasm. I smiled. I knew he was dying for me to hear it. “Please, play for me.” He quickly stood up from sofa, went for guitar. Still smiling he sat on the floor, holding his guitar with Irish sticker on it. I leaned my head against my bent arms. When he started twanging , when every string started to shiver , my heart stopped beating. My brain stopped working. All I was capable of was hearing the tones coming from his guitar. I could see his bottom lip rolled inside, his eyes closed, he was so focused. When his fingers touched the strings for the last time, he opened his eyes. “That was…Niall… that was beautiful... I am speechless… I…” My mouth opened, my left hand put on my head, trying to remember some words. His eyes suddenly stopped smiling. Like he had realized something. Then he stood up and walked right towards to me. His slowly steps were echoing through the living room. I was a little confused. Not understanding his behaviour, when suddenly his warm lips touched mine. I smiled ´cause I got it then. “ I was thinking only about you, when I was composing so it must be beautiful.” He whispered to my right ear. His blond hair tickling my nose. I wrapped my hands around his neck. N: “Let´s called it Rosie´s song.” I laughed out loud, not saying a word. “ No, no, let´s call it Niall loves Rosie.” He added.  I kissed him again, moving my hand on his slightly red cheek. “I don’t play any instrument, I can´t make a song Rosie loves Niall in return though.  He giggled and hugged me tighter. We were like this for couple of minutes. Then I remembered  about my mum´s invitation for tomorrow. “ Niall? Love, my mum called. She wants me… well she, dad and Rosie want me to come tomorrow. And their invitation include you too of course.” “…You want me to meet your mum and dad?” He was a little terrified. “…and Petulia.” I added.  I could hear his heart quickly beating. He wasn’t replying for a moment so I took it into my own hands. Still buried in his hoodie, I gently moved to his neck, kissing his pale skin I ended up on his cheek. “I love you.” I whispered, hoping this would make him say something. “ I am in!” He suddenly spoke up. I laughed at his quick reaction. 

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