Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


55. Chapter 55.


I wasn’t with Harry often these days. They are having rehearsals for tour almost every day. And when we are finally together I find him sleeping on a sofa or just and yawning all the time. It´s Sunday something about 10 p.m. and he still didn’t came from rehearsal. I made a cup of tea, just for myself. Car is not home yet, she went out with her friends from bussiness class. She was trying to persuade me to go with her, but I was decided to wait for Harry. When I put a tee bag to cup, my phone suddenly rang. From the sound I new it was text message. Love, sorry I am late, things got complicated I am on my way to your place. Love you xx. These last two words made my blue mood disappear.  Then I continued in tea preparation with smile upon my face.  I pulled out another cup from kitchen counter, for Harry. It´s cold out there, I bet he would kill for a one cup. In the cupboard reflection I realized I look awful. My messy hair and horrible and dark circles under my eye made me look like I was 40. I quickly run to bathroom and brushed my hair. Then I realized I didn’t do that often. I mean, do something with myself. Harry saw me in baggy jogging suit and with wet hair many times. That´s like the top of how bad I can look.  We spent time at my or his place so I haven’t been using make up for a while. So these days are over Marine. You are going to put on something pretty and look like you still got it. I run to my closet and pulled out these navy blue dress with leather belt on it. When I realized that he texted me like  20 minutes ago, so I started to panic cause he was going to be there in any minute. I quickly put on some make up, took Car´s bloody lipstick from her night stand, when I heard Harry opening the door. I ran out from Car´s room to sit on a sofa. I quickly sat there, so casual. “Finally….” Harry spoke up with opened arms. I stood up and run to him. My head was leaning against his chest, listening to Harry´s every heart beat. I could feel him kissing the top of my head. “Welcome stranger.” I whispered to his chest. He slowly grabbed my hand to his.  I automatically shivered. “Ahhgr, Harry your hand… is cold!” He laughed. “..I made you tea!” I loosed my hand from his and went to kitchen. I took his cup and gave it to him. He smiled and took a sip. “You´re incredible…” His examining look traveled from my feet to my head. “ I mean YOU really are incredible.” Then he took my hand again and pulled me closer. Our noses were literally touching, I could feel his cold breath on my lips. “I missed you all day, Marine.” His husky voice made me weak and the only thing I was capable of was kissing him. So I did.  I slowly enclosed my left hand to his cheek. The right one was playing with his messy curls. I was standing on my tip toes as always ´cause he is too tall. Harry suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. I screamed a little. I could feel his lips were smiling. He knows I don’t like heighs. My legs were suddenly wrapped around his torso. God, I missed this. He led us to sofa. He gently laid me down, still kissing my neck. “You know… I am….” He was filling the kissing pauses. “… so turned on when you… god!..” He moaned in the moment when I buried my hand deeper into his hair. So I knew exactly what he was talking about. He quickly pulled his t-shirt off after my poor attempt to do it. He was now shirtless, his tattoos so visible. I must have stopped for a moment. He is the most attractive and hot and handsome and cute and adorable boy I have ever seen. I enclose my right forefinger to his naked arm. I travelled with my finger to circle all his tattoos. I could feel him shivering after every touch.  He was so tight, like he was scared that I would found something I shouldn’t . Then I noticed his elbow. It was red and little swollen. But more importantly the new tattoo decorated his perfect arm. It was one letter. M. Right next to it was an infinity sign. When my finger finally moved to his new tattoo, he spoke up. “I wanted to tell you sooner, but you were so cute not knowing about that. So I decided to wait until you noticed that by yourself and…” I was like hit by a school bus. Well I felt like I was. My mind was a whirl, too much to tell him about. I have suddenly understood, why was Zayn acting so weird when we were talking about tattoos that one night. “…You, Harry Styles, are incredible. I love you so much. Even if you were without this…” I gently circled the red area.”… it must have hurt.” He smiled. Apparently this was the reaction he was expecting. “Just a little…” He was still gazing at me, his eyes never leaving mine. I slowly turned us around, so I was on the top, lying above him.Then I kissed his his fingertips, I slowly moved to his new tattoo, then I kissed his muscular arm, after that my lips traced to his shoulder, to his collar bones, and stopped there. His arms touching my back, slightly moving up and down. After that I pulled away a little just to meet his eyes. They were closed but he suddenly opened them. I could saw pleasure and happiness in there. “I love you.” I whispered. He triumphantly  smiled and caressed my cheek.  I heroically added: “So it´my turn then.” 

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