Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


54. Chapter 54,


Back in time

Caroline´s POV:

Fuck. I feel awful. And when I feel awful the only acceptable option not to feel like that is to drink. A lot.Marine dragged me out ´cause she couldn’t stand my constant moaning. I just miss him so badly. It´s like 3 months since he went in Manchester. Rosie and Daniel are cuddling in front of me and Marine right now. Fuck this shit. I need to get drunk. Quickly! Daniel has just kissed Rosie and offered himself to go with me to bar. I am leaning against the counter, hands buried in my hair, looking at my feet. Daniel raised 2 fingers in the air: “Vodka, twice!” That bartender looked cute. When he put shots on a bar, he winked at me. I am used to these kinds of boy´s reactions on me, normally I would lean over the counter and start flirting. But not since I am with David. He totally changed my personality. He is the only one. I quickly poured these shots in me. I could feel the warmth moving through my throat to stomach. After few minutes my mind realized that and I became drunk. Finally. I put the last empty glass on the counter and decided to go for Marine, persuaded her to go dancing. Then I felt Daniel´s hand on my shoulder. “Caroline, be careful!” He apparently noticed that my legs weren’t listenting my brain anymore. “Stop, I can… handle it on my own…” I shook his hand from me and walked away. After a while I realized that, this wasn’t the right direction. I was walking to overcrowded dancefloor.  The lights and all those people, were too much for me to take. Then I noticed big metal door with exit sign. I quickly run, craving for the fresh air. Then I noticed massive brick wall to lean against. The night was cold, stars were shinning above my head. I was looking at the night sky clearly for too long, because my head was spinning around, my knees became suddenly weaker. I was slowly falling down, my back still pressed against the wall, when suddenly someone came to me.  I didn’t see his face, ´cause my eyes were tightly closed. His cold hand touched my naked shoulder. Then I heard how he slowly leaned above me, trying to see my face. “Hey, hey… are you ok?” The manly voice asked me, his hand still squeezing my shoulder. When I opened my eyes, the whole world was spinning, I couldn’t notice this stranger´s face. “I saw you running through the crowd, you accidently hit me with your elbow… I am Zayn…”The world stopped spinning for a little while. But I still didn’t get it. I was silently sitting on the cold ground, tightly holding my jacket in fists. I slowly stood up. “…No, no.. let me..” He grabbed my jacket and slowly put on me. He was obviously drunk too cause he was jiggling, stepping from left foot to right one. I heard how he giggled after he found a lost balance. “…What´s your name?” His face was suddenly in front of mine. His dark eyes meeting mine. “… Ehm..” “I put my hand on my forehead, trying to remember where I was, who I was with. “…Caroline… I am Caroline.” He smiled at me. “... Ok, Caroline lets go inside, your boyfriend is probably looking for you…” Then one big warm tear fell from my eye. My boyfriend. David. He is not here. He is probably having fun. Without me. With someone else. After moment of silence I spoke up: “I have no boyfriend today.” My drunky eyes noticed his smirk, after my confession. “I don’t believe that. I noticed your hesitant answer.” Now I have lost balance for change. My left leg didn’t handle it, when suddenly Zayn´s hands grabbed me. He was holding me in his arms, his eyes meeting mine. All I could hear was my heart and loud music echoing from the club. Zayn is pretty tall guy, my eyes suddenly noticed his dark hair, perfectly matching to colour of his skin. Then my eyes fell again on his face. After a while Zayn spoke up. “You know, that guy is apparently an idiot when he left you here alone, but on the other hand he saved my night.” My heart stopped for a while, my head full of regrets about what I am going to do. I am drunk but this little Caroline inside of me screams No! However, one look at his face silenced that Caroline. Suddenly my lips were kissing his. No regrets now. No hesitation. Just me and this bad boy Zayn. I could feel he liked my dedication. His strong arms holding my waist, slowly moving to my shoulders, when suddenly someone walked out of that metal door. “Zayn?...hey pal! We are looking for you.. Oh..” Someone with an unknown husky voice apparently noticed that Zayn wasn’t alone and giggled. “..Ok..See you inside…” He closed the door. Zayn was passionately kissing  my neck and then whispered : “Let me buy you a drink, please.” His voice was suddenly so gentle. I nodded and the rest of that night became blur to me.


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