Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


53. Chapter 53.


It´s Sunday. Rosie has just called that she is so much better now. Caroline persuaded me to go shopping with her, and when she heard that Rosie feels ok now, she immediately took a chance and texted her to join us. She replied she would love to, because she was locked in her apartment for days! While I was trying to put on my brown boots, I shouted from hallway: “Caroline honey, why do want to go shopping again? You went last week and bought that incre…” She interrupted my MYFRIENDISSHOPPOHOLIC speech. “Because. God Marine, can I spend some quality some with my best friends?And that reminds me… I asked Eleanore and we meet up on Oxford Street.” We both were now in hallway, putting on our coats. “Cool!” I smiled and Caroline took her car keys from the table. “Let´s go!” She smiled at me back  and then we walked out and shut the door. While Car was madly driving through snowy London, I was typing to my slow old HTC: Heey:), So tonight at your place? I need to see you like now though! When I pushed the send button Car asked me: “So, you and Harry, everything´s ok? You two seem like really deeply in love.” I exhaled. “It couldn’t be better. What about you and Zayn?” She run left hand though her dark curly hair and replied: “God, I love him so much so I could eat him. Literally.” We both laughed. “I am happy for you two. It´s funny that 3 months ago you were with David, Rosie with Daniel and I alone as always. I couldn’t have imagined that things would  turn out like this.” “I know I can´t believe it too.” Oh. New text from Harry.: Love, I miss you too. Enjoy shopping! Hah. I´ll call you later. And check twitter;) HE DIDN’T! Awww. There is a picture of me in his kitchen, making him pancakes. Like weeks ago. I remember he took a picture of me. God. I look there awful, covered in flour, dressed up in his Hipsta Please t-shirt. But It doesn’t mind, cause everything what matters is that caption. My love. Caroline apparently noticed my freaky smile. “God, what has he texted, you´re smiling, I am sorry Marine, but like an idiot.” I showed her that picture while she was pulling car over by standing Rosie and Eleanore.. When the car stopped, she took my phone from my hand and looked closer. “haha, Marine you look like that old lady from school cafeteria!” “Thanks!” We both laughed and went out too see girls. Eleanore was smiling and Rosie calling with Niall. Obviously. “…Yeaah baby, I know, I feel ok now and… YES honey, I´ll call you. Yep… “ She was blushing as never. “…Me too. Bye.” Then she put the phone into her bag. “ So.. Hey you two! I am so glad to see you..” She took few steps forward and hugged us. M: “We too. So where are we going first?” Caroline immediately answered. “I was thinking about Topshop.” E: “Great, I saw there this incredible bag and…” Caroline interrupted her. “I know I know!!! This with black stripes and..” Eleanore smiled: “ and golden lining…” Caroline pointed finger at her: “You´re good!” Eleanore laughed and we went inside cause it was freezing out there! After 3 hours spend in Topshop we all 4 decided not to go anywhere else. We are sitting in Starbucks now. Caroline asked waiter for another chair so she could put there all of her shopping bags. When I took a sip of my hot latte, little girl came to us. She could have like 10 years. She was apparently talking to Rosie:“Hello, my name is Lucy. I have this little diary full of Niall´s pictures. And I love Niall. And I saw you in TV with him.  Can you please give me your autograph?” God she is cute. We all laughed.  Rosie leaned above her and took the pen from that little girl´s tiny hand. “Sure sweetie!” Rosie smiled and wrote there her name. “Thank you Mrs.!” Then she run to her mother, sitting few table away from us. C: “Heey, why she didn’t want our autographs too?” We all laughed. R:“Girls, this was the most sweetest thing ever.” Rosie was smiling all the time since that girl left. E: “Once, when I was at grocery´s , this lady, she was probably over 60, she came to me if she could take a picture of me. I was totally surprised. When she pulled the old camera from her bag, Louis appeared with full cart. He was looking for chocolate peanuts all that time. When that lady realized he was there too, she almost collapsed!” We all laughed so hard that people were turning heads and looking at us. Eleanore added. “ What to say, old ladies love Louis.” 

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