Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


52. Chapter 52.


The only free spot in class was next this girl I don’t like. She is always perfectly styled, blondie with pink lipstick, perfectly straighten hair, classy typing into her pink macbook pro. She acts like she is the best in everything, her hand is always raised in the air, prepared to answer every professor´s question. I am not that person who judge by someone´s look. Not at all. I have spoken to this girl one time. Her name is Lissie. We met in the ladies room one time. It was right after that celebrity show in TV, where I was described as future Harry´s girl. She and some of her friends were talking about me and him. She had definitely no clue I was there, locked in the cabin. They basically said something about my appearance, that I dress up like homeless person and why on earth would someone like Harry dated me. She was totally convinced that all that photos there were photoshoped, that only solution that Harry would spent time with me is that he likes doing charity work. Hmm, I was little upset, but on the other hand it was quite of funny. I don’t need to explain something to bunch of ignorant bitches. After this gossiping, I walked out of there and they apparently realized I was there the whole time. She has been avoiding me ever since. Right when the professor came to class, I heard my phone vibrating. It was text message from Harry: -honey, check twitter.xx-. I went there and saw Harry´s tweet: enjoying babysitting Lux with @zaynmalik @caroline_dov .There was a photo of our living room! Caroline obviously pulled out all of her closet. Baby Lux was dressed in her polka dot shirt and wearing Zayn´s beanie. God that´s cute! Harry told me he wanted me to meet her, but god I am not there! So I texted him. –Curly! You did not!-  Then he sent me sad smiley face. I am going to kill him!. When the class ended, I heard Lissie whispering: “See? I´ve told you, he is not with her anymore, oh poor thing.” She obviously saw Harry´s tweet without my name tag. Ok, I think I need to say something. While I was walking out of the hall, I turned around. “Seriously you think I didn’t hear you?” They were looking directly at me, Lissie with raised eyebrows. Then she spoke up. “No, not at all, I hope you have heard us.” Other girls giggled, but Lissie´s look was still serious. God, I can´t stand them! “Cool.”I said. Then I have realized that there is no chance to argue with them, because when you argue with someone stupid, you can´t really enjoy the fight. So I kept walking out of there. She apparently expected I would continue with argueing. Then I heard my phone ringing. It is Harry. “Please tell me you are somewhere nearby so you could take me home.Immediately.” “Darling, I am waiting for you outside the building. I waited that you text me when that lecture´s over. So I decided to wait for you here.” “I am sorry, I was… occupied, ok, I am already outsi…” I didn’t finished ´cause I noticed Harry standing right infront of me. He was wearing black jeans and this brown coat. His curls were wet a little due to snow. He was holding the phone by his ear. I smiled as never. God. He is so adorable. I took few steps forward and hugged him. “Heey..” He said surprisingly. “..what´s going on Marine? Oh. I am so sorry for today but Lou has no one to asked for babysitting and I was available and..” “No, that’s ok.” I was talking to him still sticked to his chest. Then I raised my head, to face him: “Let´s go!” He smiled and took my hand, so he could led me to parking line. When he opened passanger door for me, I noticed Lissie standing  by the bin with angry look on her face. She clearly realized that Harry is still with me. I was happy a little. One part of me wanted to shouted from the window – in your face! But I am not as shallow as her. Harry noticed me, looking out of the window. He put his hand on my tigh. “Are you ok? What happened there?” I looked at him: “It´s just… one girl … had  mean comments about you dating me.” He furrowed his eyebrows. “What? What girl? Do you want me to …” “No,let it be.” I smiled at him to cheer him up but he was still angry. “Marine, love, you are the most beautiful and intelligent and caring and thoughtful and incredible girl ever. I love you for everything you do, how you deal with everything. And I am ready to look in that girl´s eyes and tell her all of.…” “Harry. I love you. Lets go home.” He smiled and kissed my lips. H:“See? This is why I love you so much.” He drove right home. I mean my home. When we got there, Zayn and Car were sitting in front of TV. He was holding her left hand, while she was curled up in his arms. Caroline apparently noticed us: “heeeey, how was in school?!” Zayn smiled and joined her: “Hey you two.”  Harry answered. “Great!” Car and Zayn laughed. I was just watching them how perfectly they look together. “So, Car, you feel better now?” She responded:”Yep, No fever, I am just coughing a little, but it´s bearable now.” She smiled and Zayn squeezed her hand even harded. When I was prepared to go to my room, Car shouted with really hoarse voice. “Marine? Rosie called she feel better too, however she is still scared to be with others, just in case it is contagious.”  I was pulling out a hoodie from wardrobe. “That´s great! Niall is still with her?” “Yes, he said he doesn’t care if he got that virus too.” I was already in livingroom, sitting on Harry´s knee. He and Zayn were apparently only ones who were watching TV. I put my arms around his neck and enclosed my nose to his cheek, breathing in his incredible scent. Harry whispered: “how you feel?” I closed my eyes and whispered: “With you? Like in heaven.” I could feel his exhale: “Acceptable answer.” I was buried in Harry´s arms for a while, then I spoke up. “Zayn? How you feel? No coming illness?” “No, not at all, I am strong one unlike my Caroline.” We all laughed, how Zayn picked her on. She furrowed her eyebrows. “Love? I am strong one too!” Then she jumped at Zayn and threw them both on the sofa´s corner.  He was trying to fight a little, but then he gave up and let Car kiss him. 

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