Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


51. Chapter 51.


Rosie´s POV:

God, I am so glad my stomach is better now. I spent in bathroom like 2 hours. I didn’t let Niall to come inside, cause I didn’t want him to see me leaning against a toilet. I didn’t look like a lady. Now I am lying on a sofa, watching some stupid reality show.  Niall is right next to me even though I told him not to be closer to me than 10 meters. He didn’t listen to me. God. I love him so much. “Niall? Thank you…” I slightly stood up from sofa and Niall immediately put his hands on my waist. “wohou,wohou, lady where are you think you´re going?” “I just want to…” “LAY!NOW!” Oh, that was pretty aggressive! He laughed  as I immediately laid down. “Rosie, you know that I want the best for you.” “I know, but Niaaal I haven’t been sick like for an hour. And I feel so much better now.” He raised his eyebrows. “So, you´re saying, you would like to eat pizza, chips, yorkshire pudding and roasted ribs?” Ewww. When I imagine taste of all these things…. God. I run up to bathroom and threw up like for 3 times. Niall immediately run to me, god I have no time to locked bathroom door, so now he is here with me. “I am so so sorry, I really didn’t think it would make you sick, Rosie I am an idiot, god…” He looked really upset. I was still leaning over the toilet but I reached my hand for his. “You.. were right… I am not better…” Then he put his hands on my waist and raised me in the air, so I was lying in his arms, my head leaning against his chest. He went right to bedroom. Then he gently laid me on bed.  God, he is so adorable. His caring eyes were looking directly at mine. After couple of minutes, he spoke up. “I am sorry.” Then he turned around to leave room. I immediately reached my hand for his shirt, and pulled him to me. “Niall, stop it…” He turned around, so his amazingly beautiful eyes were meeting mine. “I am gonna leave, have some rest, ok?...” “I love you!” I quickly whispered. He was already behind that doors when he turned back. “Everytime you say this, my whole world stops Rosie.” He was leaning against the door. Then he took a few steps closer and put his hand on my cheek. I immediately closed my eyes.  Then he gently caressed my eyelid with forefinger, then he moved on my jaw line. Then he moved closer and kissed my cheekbones. I immediately got goose bumps. “I love how you always shiver after I touch you.” He smiled and I got dizzy. “Ok, I am gonna go and…” “No! stay here, please..Or if you are scared you could get sick too…” “No, No, I want to stay here, no matter what.” He smiled and laid right next to me. He was wearing this simple white shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. He was lying there like some Greece  God. “I love you Rosie.” He said it and after that I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

It´s 9 a.m. I am already dressed up, cause my biology lesson starts at 10. Harry told me he gave me ride. Now I am making my hair. Harry is sitting at the table with Zayn. They are discussing something about the tour. Caroline is in kitchen, taking some pills and drinking hot tee.  Z: “I know Harry, but still, if we do it like Paul said the whole….” H:”You´re right, it´s more effective and also…” Car intervened. “Harry?, it´s 9:30  already…” He immediately stood up from chair, and looked at his wrist. “Oh… Marine, love…?” he shouted-“….Are you ready?” “Yep, we can go!” I was already putting on my favorite black lowtop boots.  “Bye Harry! Bye Marine!” I could hear Car and Zayn voices. “Bye guys!” Harry had just grabbed his car keys from the table and we went outside. It was misty out there. We got to Harry´s car and he immediately turnt the heating on. “To school!” Harry pointed his finger forward and I laughed. “Honey, school is on the other side.” So I took his hand and directed it backward. “Ok, Ok..” I was still holding his hand so I kissed all his fingers. After that I leaned forward and kiss him on lips. He put his hand on my waist and held me tightly. We were still in his car so anyone could see us.  To be honest? Who cares… But then I realized I will be late for lesson. God. .. “Marine, I don’t know, but are you sure you wanna go there? I mean, this here… is much more nicer.”I laughed and kissed him one last time. “Harold? To school please!” He laughed and turn the engine on. When we got there, I could see people looking at car windows. “So, we are here. I call you right after that, ok?” He smiled and his dimples became more visible, so my heart skipped a beat. He leaned to me, so he could face me:  “Ok, but just to be clear, I will be texting you all the time, so don’t you dare not to text me back!” M:“I love you.” He smiled. Then I put my hand on his knee and kissed him. His green eyes were suddenly widen. When I was prepared to leave the car….”Hold on!” He smiled and continued:” Have a nice day!” I laughed and responded: “ Have a nice day Harry Styles!” Then I opened the door and went to building. I could feel people gazing at me. But, whatever. 

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