Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


50. Chapter 50.


It´s something after midnight. Harry is sleeping like the most beautiful baby ever and I just cant turn my brain off. I am so glad, that there is an option to watch sleeping Harry. His face is covered in pillow. I can only see his left eye and a little bit of nose. He is so sweet. I gently caressed him and stood up from bed. I just need to drink some water, maybe it could help me to fall asleep.  When I walked into kitchen, Zayn was there,  sitting at the table and making circles with his forefinger on the top of a cup. He immediately noticed me: “Marine, I am sorry If I woke you up it´s just…” “…No, no you didn’t. I just cant sleep.” I smiled at him while I was pouring orange juice to glass. Then I added:  “Can I join you?”  He smiled back:” Sure!” I asked him:“So, why aren’t you in bed? If you want to, you can use guest room or…” He interrupted me. “No, No, I don’t wanna sleep at all. If I wanted to, I would use Car´s sofa in her room. It´s just, my mind is a whirl, you know? Sometimes I just...” He stopped and took a sip. M: “you just what?” He shook his head. “…I just feel like it is too much. Too overwhelming. Sometimes I wish we could be an ordinary couple. I mean this whole situation, leaving her, and seeing her tears, when I came back. I know we are going be together on tour like 6 months, but still, there is always a chance, not to be with her, even though I wanted to. So much...” Oh. I have no idea  Zayn see this thing like this. “Zayn, she loves you, you love her, you two will overcome everything I promise you! No goodbyes last forever.” I smiled at him. He was looking on the table. Then he raised his head , and smiled at me. “That was really really nice, Marine.” “Well, first of all that was truth. So chin up!” He laughed and run his hand through his black hair, so I perfectly saw his tattoos. He noticed my sight sticked at his arm. “…There..” He pointed his finger on an empty little spot on his arm. “…there is going to be Caroline´s name.” Awww. I smiled as a child. “That´s cute.” He smiled also. “Have you ever thought about having a tattoo?” “Oh, I don’t know Zayn, I don’t think it will suit me. And I don’t think I could handle that pain. I am a chicken.” He laughed. “No, I don’t think that´s true. However I hope you change your mind soon.” He smiled. “ Harry is lucky he has you. You are everything he wanted. He told me so last night,  so Marine, don’t break his heart!” I was smiling.It was really nice to hear this from Zayn. “Uhm, don’t worry, I think that there is no way I could ever hurt him.” He smiled and responded. “I know.” Then I heard door opening and small steps. It´s  Caroline. She is covered in a blanket, she has her hair done in a little bun. “Hey!” She slowly raised her hand above her head. Zayn immediately stood up from chair and ran to her. “Honey, why aren’t you in bed? I told you not to…” “…I know love, but I didn’t see you there so I came to looking for you.” He smiled and kissed her forehead. “I am sorry…” She smiled: “That´s ok, so I am going  back  to bed…” She smiled. Zayn was holding her hand. “Good night Car!” I quickly whispered. She turned around and gave me an air kiss. Zayn joined her walking to her room. I could see his genuine smile, then he whispered: “Good night Marine!” I smiled and took the last sip, when Harry opened bedroom door. “Marine, babe, are you ok?” He slowly walked to me and kissed my neck. “Yes, I am alright,  I was just… never mind.” He smiled at me:” I thought you got that flu or that virus too and…” I could hear sleepyness in his voice. “No love I am ok… lets go back to bed.” I took his hand and led him to bed. I covered him with a blanket. He was shirtless so I could see his bird tattoos on his chest.  Maybe Zayn was right. Maybe a tattoo wouldn’t be a mistake and… God, Marine, no. You will think about it later. I kissed Harry´s cheek: “Sweet dreams!” He smiled with closed eyes and whispered: “Sweet dreams!” I quickly run on the other side of the bed and jumped in.  Ohh, warm….

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