Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


49. Chapter 49.


We have left Rosie´s apartment like an hour ago. Caroline went with us in Harry´s car. I adore his driving. I feel so safe and looking at him holding a wheel, oh god. Harry told me he has dedicated this evening just for me but I am going to school, I am having  important exams tomorrow. I am sitting at the table, while Harry is lying on his back on my bed, holding one of my books. “God, Marine, this is shit.” I laughed. “Seriously honey, stop studying, you are drilling this since we have got here.” After these words, I closed the book, put in back on a table and went join Harry on my bed. I laid my whole body on him and gave that book he was holding away. “You´re right” Then I kissed him and he kissed me back. I could feel he was prepared to continue in this but, god, I need to take a shower.  So I gently stopped. “Honey, I need a shower. Just 10 mi….” He immediately widened his eyes. “What a coincidence. Me too!” He gave me his sexy foxy smile. “Right…” I stood up, went to closet pull out towel from there and threw it on Harry. “No splashing though!” He laughed, when he caught it. “Alright, alright!” God, I love him as hell! And showers with him even more. When we both went to kitchen, he was covered only in towel just from the waist down and I was in my bathrobe with still wet hair. Car was lying on a sofa sipping hot tea. Then I realized her eyes were closed and she was breating heavily. Harry apparently noticed that too: “Caroline, are you ok?” She slowly opened her eyes and look at us. “I feel like shit. My throat…my head is spinning, my joins, god I can´t move.” “You have a flu!” I immediately shouted. “Yep, I have already called Zayn not to come today, I don’t want my darling to became ill too.” Then Harry whispered me : “She has definatelly a fever, look at her..., I am gonna go to corner shop, to buy some lemons  and ginger. That´s my special flu cure.” Then he run to my room. Apperently to put some tshirt on. I helped Car to get her to bed. She was so weak, I needed to strength up, really.  When she closed her eyes, I went to kitchen cause I have heard some noises in kitchen. It was Harry, whispering my name. “I am here!” Then I slightly closed the room of her bedroom. He was pulling out lemons out of paperback. God, he is so thoughtful and caring. I went to kitchen, wrapped him from behind and lean my head against his back. “Love you.” I could here he laughed and then he turned me around. “I love you!” We kissed and then he continued in preparation of his magical tea. Caroline sipped a little and then fell asleep again. Poor thing. I called Rosie, just to said her about Car, but she didn’t pick up. After couple of minutes I could hear my phone ringing. Oh, it´s Rosie! “Hi gorgeous listen…” “….Marine?Marine, that´s me Niall, Rosie has some stomach virus, she has been vomiting since you girls left.” “God, no, Oh Niall, I have just wanted to tell her that Car has a flu, but obviously Rosie…” “Yeah I am sorry Marine, but she has just woken up so I´ve gotta go, I´ll call you later anyway! Bye!” “Bye Niall!” God, this is bad. I am so glad that me and Harry are still good. He is sitting on a sofa, with PC in his lap. “Rosie is ill too…” Then I sat right next to him. I was playing with one of his curls, when he turned his head to me. His eyes were meeting eyes. Great, my work is done here.  I mean, Harry immediately put the pc on a coffee table and threw himself on me.  I was putting his shirt off when someone knocked on the door. “NO!” Harry shouted. “who….” I was cursing while walking bearfoot to open the door. It was Zayn. “I am sorry I didn’t find my keys, is Caroline ok?....” He walked in and went right to her room. He obviously didn’t noticed half naked Harry in livingroom. Harry was putting his shirt on when Zayn walked out of Car´s room. “She is sleeping.”  “Yep, like for an hour. We are keeping our eyes on her, don’t worry.” Then he looked on us from the bottom to top. “Right…naked…” Harry laughed and I joined him. M:”How did you know…” He knew what I was going to say. “Niall called me.God, I hope she will be ok soon, my love…” He looked really blue. “…I am gonna stay here with her tonight, alright? “ That´s cute. “Sure!” I responded with smile on my face. 

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