Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


48. Chapter 48.


It´s early in the morning, but Harry needed to leave sooner due to some errands. I got up from bed, to so I could make him breakfast. I looked on my phone. It´s 7 a.m. God! I need to make a coffe. When I was pouring water to cattle, Caroline came home.  She sat on the sofa and took a deep breath. “I am so tired, Zayn went to studio or something and I didn’t want to hear that noises coming from Niall´´s bedroom any longer.” I laughed out loud. “I am making coffe…., have some?” She nodded. While I was putting cups on the table,  Car went to her room to change her clothes. She came dressed in old baggy hoodie and knickers. I had to laughed, she is crazy. “So Rosie and Niall!” I started. She took a sip and widen her eyes. “God, they were like monkeys. I am not sure, what they had done there, who else was there. Although, yesterday was fun. I was in his room for the first time, God that boy is so messy.” “You didn’t see Harry´s room.” We both laughed. Then something came up in my mind. “I might have told Harry about our 1D madness in highschool.” She suddenly spitted all the coffe on the table. “You didn’t Marine…” “I am sorry, it was by accident!” “I hope he wont tell Zayn about it, cause I will kill you both.” “ I call him, But still, I think he already knows it.” I giggled. Car shook her hand and wiped that coffe off the table. Then Car spoke up : “ By the way, Rosie told me, that we should come by in her apartment for lunch. She said she is cooking.” “Great!” I smiled at her. “We should pray for only girl´s company. I am not sure I could handle Niall and her there.”  “Car, stop it, it´s not like you two with Zayn are totally saint.” She laughed out loud. ´Cause she knew exactly what I was thining about.

When we got to Rosie´s, we both noticed sitting Eleanor at the table. She waved at us and smiled: “Hey girls!” Then Rosie came out of kitchen . “Heeey, just in time.” We both sit up, while Rosie put plates with pasta on the table. “Bon Apettit!” Eleanor is so sweet. We were chatting about everything.  E:“ I am so glad I have met you!  Caroline replied. “Me too, It is good to know someone like us, who is going through this same thing as us. I mean another view on this whole thing. How you handle all this public attention?” She asked her, while she spipped a red whine. “It´s simple, I just don’t think about them like they are celebrities. It is so easy forget about it, ´cause they are totally normal. And you should stay strong, no matter what. And don’t  take hate tweets too personally.  I totally got these girls, I really do. But I just can´t let it to rouin my relationship.” She smiled at us. God, she has a point. It is just about me and Harry. No one else. “ You are really smart, Eleanor.” I smiled at her. She laughed. “God, stop it, I am sure you have the same opinion.”  R:” I have,  when you are in love, the hatred disappears.”  “I am so happy, we all are going to have so much fun on tour!” Caroline spoke up and clapped quietly.  Then my phone rang. Girls turned their hands on me. I looked at them  and smiled: “ Sorry, that´s….” Then Rosie finished my sentence. “..Harry, go!” I laughed and went to bathroom. God, I am like Car right now. C: “Heey!”  H:”Marine, what are doing right now? I am standing in front of your door and no one is ope…” “God, Harry, I am at home, we are at Rosie´s.” Harry laughed. “ Right… text me address, I´ll be right there.” Awww. “Ok…” H: “See you love!” 

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