Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


47. Chapter 47.


Harry took me to the park. The Christmas lightning on trees, this cold air, so it looks  like you were smoking, after every exhale, Harry´s holding my hair. We are walking slowly, just cherishing  every step forward. “I love it here.” Harry spoke up after deep inhale. “this is absolutely unbelievable, what night sky do to me. It´s like everythings possible, that new day is coming…I feel so happy right now.” I stopped walking and stood up in front of Harry. He was wearing beanie. One curly was sticking up from his beanie. I slowly put my hand on his face, and stick that messy curly back inside. “Thank you for everything” He smiled after my touch and gently closed his eyes. Then he opened them and I could see lights reflections in his green, amazingly green eyes. “It´s funny how often you thank me. Marine, it´s me who is the most greatful. Please smile at me, so I could proved it to you.” He was so gentle and  his voice became tender. I smiled because, after all of this, it was the only thing I was capable of. “ There we go!” He laughed a little and then took me in his arms. I was buried in his leather jacket, breathing his scent in, playing with my fingertips with his curls, sticking up from his beanie. M:“ I just think that someone should invent new world for :I love you, cause I think it´s becoming  a little cheesy.”  He relaesed me a little and laughed “I love you too.” After this we continued walking back to my apartment. When we got back, Car was dressed up like she was going to some fashion week or something. “Ohoho, Where are you going like this, young lady ?” I immediately asked her. She raised her eyebrows, while she was putting on these really really expensice earrings. “ Zayn´s.” She replied with really mysterious look on her face. Harry supported me and played a role of very responsible father. “ Be home till 11.! “ She laughed and took her coat. “Well, daddy, mummy don’t wait up!” Then she shut the door. Harry looke on me and added: “ agh, kids these days, you gave them all of your…” I must interrupted his speech., cause he was so adorable, that not giving him a kiss would be a sin. “What for?..” I smiled. “For being such a sexy daddy.Just because…” He laughed out loud.  We are all alone here. Finally! I went to shower for a moment, while Harry was looking for 500 days of summer dvd in that platic box under the tv. He told me he has never seen it before. When I made comfort in Harry´s arms, he pressed play. “I just don’t get it, why she´s doing this to him.” He spoke up in the middle of that movie. “She´s just stopped loving him.Things got a little confusing so she..” Harry furrowed his eyebrows and took a popcorn. “How you can stop loving somebody just like that? They were perfect together…” I cut him off. “Awww, you like this film!” I pinched him. He laughed. “ Of course,  I like, but, answer me. How it is possible stop having feelings for someone?” He was suddenly really pensive. “Things have changed, people have changed, so did they expectations.” I am realistic. “Still, I don’t get it, for instance you could hit on Louis and I would still love you.” I laughed. “Stop it Harry, of course you wouldn’t.  It´s not like I would change you for Louis, however I must admit he is on my list right under you.” I laughed but he cut me off. “Wait, wait, what list?” I started slowly. “God. I shouldn’t have starting wit this…” “Marine, what list?” I ran my hand through my hair and started: “It all began in highschool. Me and Caroline, were…. Pretty into you back than….I mean like real directioners. With shirts and everything.” H:” Marine, you don’t say you two were….” He started laughing.Then he stood up from sofa and added: “ Why didn’t you tell me that sooner?” “It was long time ago. When we got here, we totally moved on with our fantasies and became more realistic.” “Ok…and what about that list?” I was blushing. “Well, we were often argueing, who is on the top of  you all.” He was suddenly all serious. “ You mean, I was your top? God….” he was shooking his head. “…..So me, than Louis, and then..?” I stood up and put my hands on his face. My eyes were directly meeting his. “ I won´t say a world, nor do you. This is pretty embarrassing right now…., I know you found it funny, but I am pretty ashamed. You must think I had been stalking you and now you´re with me…and…” “Ohoh, Marine, stop right there, If I had any idea, you exist back then, you would be on the top of mine list too, I swear.” We both laughed, laid back on the sofa and watched that movie a while. Cause mine old memories have emerged and I just couldn’t help myself, that Harry Styles is really laying next to me. We kissed and….

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