Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


45. Chapter 45.


His eyes vere looking directly at me. He immediately replied: “No, No Marine!” I have  just sgrugged. He added: “ No Marine, that´s what you think? You think I didn’t asked you cause I don’t want you there? Fuck…” He nervously ran his hand through his curly hair. “ I was scared you would say no. Isn´t it presumptueos of me, to wanted you to quit school, tu put your life behind, so could be with me? I want you there so bad Marine. I am selfish.”  M: “ Harry, god….” I stood up from bed, made a few steps around his bed, and took my time to respond.: “ I don’t understand… I just…. Why would you think that I would say no? To you? To spend the more time with you? That´s what I wish for!” After circling around his room, I came closer to him. I put my hand on his face, then I moved to his shoulder then to his fingers. His eyes were closed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer.  “Would you join me on tour please?”  He didn’t smile at all. “Yes, Harry.” Then he smiled as child and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him. Then he moved his mouth to my cheek, to my neck. When I was prepared to scream, because of his tickeling curly hair, he put his finger on my lips. “No, No, not this time, I always stop right here, cause you are laughing. “ I was trying not to, but that was unbearable!” “Harry,….hahhaaa, I can´t….” He laid us on his bed, so he was above me, while I was trying to catch a breath. “I don’t get it Marine.”  “Harry, it is just I love your hair, like the most, but my neck is so ticklish….” He shook his head. “Not that love, I mean, I don’t get it that you let me love you. I am like the happiest person on earth because of you.”  “ Don’t. Don’t talk like that, it is you.  You are my lottery win.”  I kissed him  and I wasn’t prepared to stop. But all of sudden Louis´opened the door. “We heard Marine screaming, oh god, I might have thought that wasn’t a scream for help.” He was smilling the whole time. Then Eleanor appeard behind his shoulder: “You two, save it for later, Liam is getting to start with firework!” The we all walked to their balcony. It´s not like mine and Car´s balcony. Ohoho, not at all. This is enourmous. Liam was holding a lighter. Then it all began. This is like the most beautiful firework I have ever seen.  I was looking at the sky, holding Harry´s hand, my chin on his shoulder, breathing his scent in. Perfection. Car and Zayn were kissing, they didn’t watch the firework at all. Louis wrappad Eleanor around his chest, they were smiling and watching the night sky same as Niall and Rosie.  After that we all went back inside, it was too cold out there. It´s like 5 a.m. right now! I saw Harry yawning. I took his hand and announced: “ My beloved friends, we are going to sleep, so happy new year again! Then Harry waved and we walked to his room. Shut the door. Well according to his kisses Harry wasn’t sleepy at all. This time I didn’t giggle, when he moved his lips on my neck. This is happy new year.


Car´s POV.

Zayn told me about that girlfriend on tour- thing. He told me about Harry´s  fear, that Marine would deny it.  He said he hope I would say yes. And I did. Like, be with him on tour? Is he crazy? Of course!” We totally forgot about cigarrets.  He kissed me and lifted me in the air. “I love you Caroline” God, he is so adorable. “ Love you Zayn.” Z:”  honey? please, pack my Christmas present, I just cant help my self when you are wearing it.” He was smiling but I could see he meant it seriously. “Anything , love!”



Rosie´s POV.

Niall pulled us on sofa, after I teased him a little bit. “ You´re right! We will see …. each other in tour bus.” He was laughing out loud. “Ok, but only under one condition…” He immediately stopped and got serious. “what condition?” I smiled. “you let me to sit by the window.” He smiled at me and put his on my cheek. “ Deal!” His eyes were looking  directly at mine and I knew what exactly he iwas going to do. But I was faster. I kissed him. Suddenly I forgot that guys are around us. I buried my fingers in his blond hair and his hand moved to my waist. We were still laying on a sofa. God that could ended up in all kind of ways.  Then I felt  cold air, coming from balcony door.  I got goose bumps. Niall apparently noticed that, and we both stood up, so he could eat slice of that cake for one more time.

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