Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


44. Chapter 44.


When we arrived to Harry´s, Zayn and Car were already there. Louis told us, that Niall, Rosie and Liam took a cab, and that they are going to be here in any minute.  On the table in dinning room, there was a big blue cake, with red stripes with Louis´s head, made from marzipan. God. That´s like the best cake I have ever seen. Louis and Eleanor were still in hallway, taking off their coats. When I was prepared to laugh and shout for Louis ´s name , Harry put his hand on my mouth,not to say a word. “Shhh, that´s a surprise, common…” Then he turned the light off there, and we went to living room. Zayn and Car were sitting on a sofa, laughing, they apparently noticed I have seen that cake.  Louis went to his room, and Eleanor was sitting next to Car. E:” So, where´s that cake, I am dying to see it!” Z:” It´s in dinning room, god that head looks tasty!” Eleanor smiled. After that  Rosie, Niall and Liam walked from hallway. Then Liam carefully whispered: “So, where´s Louis?” E: “In his room, boys go get that cake! Rosie turn the lights off!” Niall and Harry immediatelly stood up and  went to dinning room. So it is dark right now, and we all hear Louis footsteps.  Louis:” Guys, what….” Then the lights went on, and lads shouted: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOBEAR!” Boys put that cake on the coffe table and we could only see Louis´s surprised look on his face. He looked so adorable. “Thank you guys, really, god…” Then he noticed that I was standing right next to the kitchen drawer: “Marine, please bring the knife, so I could share this beautiful head with you!” God, I can´t even found a spoon here. So knife…ok.... I was opening every drawer  there, when I felt Harry´s lips on my neck. He was standing right behind me. “Love, here..” Then he reached his long hand to second drawer and pull out a big knife. He smiled at me, and I blushed a little. It´s not like I am here every day! I am not interested in anything except Harry, when I am here. That cake. Was. Amazing! It´s something about 3 a.m. and I am eating Louis´s face. Interesting. Everybody seems to having fun. Liam and Niall are laughing at something with full mouth of that incredible cake, Harry and Zayn are talking about Louis´s last birthday party, when everybody got so wasted, so they don’t remember a thing from that night and Louis  is laughing on the floor. And there are us. Girls. Drinking white wine and enjoying this only- girl´s company. Eleanor is talking about  1D tour, how sheis planning end  a semester  sooner, how fun it would betraveling through Europe and America. Then she said something and we all got frozen. “…….so I hope you girls are already packed.” Oh fuck.I wasn’t really thinking about this.  I wasn’t sure that´s my decision to make. It´s Harry´s. And we didn’t talk about that. Like really. Eleanor obviously noticed our empty looks and added: “I hope I didn’t say something wrong, I just thought that…” Then Car spoke up:”To be honest, I really have no idea. Zayn told me about that tour, but I wasn’t sure if…” Rosie interrupted her: “Niall asked me to go with him.” Me and Car have just turned our looks at her. R:”Well yeah, but I said to him, I need to think about that, like bear that idea in my mind  a little while and that decide.” Eleanor smiled at her. “Of course, that´s smart, but I think you will say yes anyway!” They both laughed. I am not sure about Car, but I was freaked out. Why Harry didn’t asked me yet.? What about school? And our apartment?  Then Louis´s came to us, and kissed Eleanor´s shoulder. “So what you girls are talking about?”  Eleanor smiled at him: “I was just saying Rosie, how fun would it be, if she went on your tour!”  Then Niall shouted from sofa. “See Rosie? You are coming, no discussion!” Then Rosie stood up from chair, and went to Niall. She sit on his knee and kissed him on a cheek .R:”We will see.” Then he grabbed her, put his hands around her waist, and laid them both on a sofa. Then he kissed her and Rosie didn’t protested.  After this Zayn called Car´s name.” Caroline, honey, let´s go get some fresh air on balcony!” Then he secretly pulled out cigarretes from his pocket. Car smiled and nodded.  My mind was a whirl.  The only possible solution is to talk to Harry about it. He apparently noticed me, sitting at the table alone, looking at empty glass of wine.  He came to me, took my hand and pulled me to his room.  :“ Let´s go to my room, Marine.”  No one noticed us, ´cause they all were standing by the window,  looking at Liam´s iPad and laughing. Harry sat me on his bed, and stood right in front of me. Well, he was kneeling in front of me. “ I might have screwed that up…” My eyes got widen. Then after moment of hesitation, I finally spoke up: “ You don’t want me to go on tour with you, right?” 

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