Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


42. Chapter 42.



Caroline´s POV:

Who would have said, that I will spend New Years Eve with him. With the cutest boy on the planet.  Zayn promised me not to leave me the whole night, but he met here his old friends so I told him I would be at the bar. Liam was there, sitting all by himself, playing with the straw. I came to him, and touched his shoulder. “Somebody isn’t apparently having a good time.” He turned around and smile at me. “Caroline, hey!” I sat myself next to him. He looked at meover his shoulder and then looked on the bartender. “Glass of….” He let me to finished the order so I did. “…white wine, please!”  I smiled at him. He looked sad. We aren’t hanging around often, but I really like him.  “What´s wrong Liam?” He looked at me with empty look. “This year was brilliant, you know, what if the next year wont be?” Oh, I see what bothers him. “The next year Liam? The next year will be a way better then this one, so you can expect unexpected.” I smiled at him and he smiled back. Then he asked:” Where´s  Zayn by the way?” The bartender put the glass of wine on the bar. While I was reaching my hand for it, I answered: “He is with his old friends from Bradford.” When I was prepared to took a sip, somebody wrapped his arms around my waist.  Zayn.  I turned around, just to made sure it was him. He was looking at me like we haven’t seen each other for a whole year. Z:” Liam, you are getting my girl drunk!” They both laughed. Then he added. “I am going to steal her from you buddy, I am sorry.” Zayn shrugged and took my hands and we went to dancefloor.  Oh fuck. The way he is moving his hips and how I can feel his breath on my neck is really turning me on. I am not even listening to the music,  I am listening to my heart right now.  And it´s telling me to kiss him, to hold him and never release. Then Zayn interrupted my stream of  under 18- thoughts. He whispered: “ God damn, stop with this or I will undress you right here, right now.” Well apparently I wasn’t the only one who was thinking about that. I responded. “Zayn, love I am pretty sure I wont stop, so ….” He raised his eyebrow and stop dancing, He immediately took my hand and led us somewhere, through the crowd. Louis has reserved one room, here. It´s like room in backstage. He put the keys inside. Then closed the door. He wrapped his arms around mine and kissed me on lips. Then he moved his mouth to my cheek. Fuck! He kind of slow himself down. What the f…? Then meeting his eyes, I whisperd: “Don’t. Stop.” Then he reached up my waist and turned us around. I was suddenly on the top.  He has biten his lip and that´s all I am capable of saying. 


Rosie´s POV:

Niall´s eyes are suddenly all on me.I noticed, his look, moving from my hair to my lips. He is looking directly at my lips.  I am just totally speechless. And apparently he is too.  Then he stood up from the chair and took my hand. “Let´s get some fresh air.” I just nodded, my eyes were suddenly wide.  We went through the side entrance.  While he led us out, I could notice that voices saying hi to him. He just didn’t pay any attention. When we finally get outside. Niall without blinking, leaned me against the wall. He had given me one more look, before he kissed me like never before. I am serious. His hands were around my waist, slowly moving on my back, then on my shoulders, then on my face. R:“I have no idea, that fresh air is so so refreshing.” Then I kissed him . He responded to my kisses and then told me: “I know! Incredible.” These were the last words I remember in the next few minutes. My hands were buried in his blond hair, traveling to his neck. There were no people there, so nothing stood in our way to kiss our souls out. But, it´s pretty cold here, so I got goose bumps. Niall noticed that and gave me his jacket. I smiled and he smiled back. “We should go inside though!” He took a deep breath. N:” you´re right, just one thing…” Then he grabbed my head gently and put his lips on mine and kissed me in the sweetest way he could. Then he continued. “…Ok, done… Let´s go back…” We both walked inside, holding our hands, me- still wearing his jacket. When we got inside, I saw David. He was leaning over this one girl, she is totally unknown for me. Oh. Car probably won´t be pleased he is here. 

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