Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


40. Chapter 40.


Car´s morning:

“God my head is spinning as never!” I spoke up right when the sunshine came through all the windows in my bedroom. Zayn was already sitting on bed and reading one of my books on my night stand. “Notebook? I am in half now.” He pointed on a book he was holding. He looked good, well more then good, he looked incredible. “Honey, when we went to bed?” “Well, like a 2 hours ago?” He laughed and added: “Car, how you feel?” He asked me in a concerned voice. “I feel, like a elephant sat on my face last night.” He laughed out loud. “Ok then, let me bring you breakfast.” “Wait, what? You did breakfast? When.. how…?” “I wasn’t sleeping.” He gave a foxy smile and went to kitchen. While he was there, I put on my 1D hoodie, it was cold there. Then I quicky jumped back to bed. “Here you are my love!” He came with this big plate full of vegetable, cheese, and eggs. God I was so hungry! “Love you!” I whispered to his right ear. “ I am going to take a shower, while you are eating.” I twisted my eyes, I hope we could take a shower together. But, this is so tasty! “Ok honey!” When he came back, my plate was already empty. He shook his wet hair and put a towel on chair. He was wearing Cool Kids Don’t Dance Shir, which is technically mine already.” “Heey, I was planning to wear it today!” He noticed I meant his shirt. Then he jumped on bed and said: “I am sorry gorgeous, but I have nothing else here!” “ We should change that, Harry has here more things than you, and you are spending here more time than him!” He smiled at me and put his hand on my cheek. “I´ fix it!” Then he kissed me and pulled himself closer to me. We were intertwined under blanket when I realized how I look. “Zayn, Zayn, I need to use a bathroom, like right now!” He smiled and let me to jumped off the bed. I took a long shower. My hair was so wet, so I used a hairdryer a little. When I came back, Zayn was still in the same position, when I left him here. “Where were we… right here….”Then I kissed him and circled my hands on his chest. He twisted us, so now I was on the top of him. “What are we planning to do tonight?” He smiled at me, but it was obvious he was ready to continue in that other activity.He finally replied. “We are going have lunch, then go to my place, then I am going to fuck your brain out and then we are going to sleep this off, cause 2 hours of sleep aren’t good for you!” “You didn’t sleep at all!!” “But I am used to it, cause concerts and stuff.” “Ok, I won´t protest!, unless we do everything from that list.” Then we kissed and…. Ok, maybe we have done  little changes in the order of this checklist. 


Rosie´s morning.

God, Finally it’s a new day!. Yesterday was baad. Really really bad. I have finally told Daniel, that even though he is a great person, and I still appreciate him as a friend, I don’t love him anymore. He was crying! I felt so bad for him, like he isn’t mad at me, at all. He asked mi if it´s because of Niall. I said that partly, it is. He said he hopes, I change my mind one day. I felt terrible that day. Right after Daniel left my apartment, I called Niall. He said he needed to see me, so he came to my place. I told him everything. He was cheering me up, while I was crying a river for Daniel. God, Niall is amazing. I am so glad he stood behind me all that time. And I am so glad he is right next to me now. Well he is still sleeping while I am watching him. Oh. He is opening his eyes. “ Morning, Niall!” He smiled at me as he yawned. “Good morning, beautiful, how long have you been up?” “Long enough to watch how cute you are.” He laughed and even then I could hear his irish accent. “Ok, then, soo, what´s your plan for today?” He asked me with his eyes perfectly widen. “What´s our plan for today, Niall?” He laughed again and I was suddenly totally waken up. “ what about… this….” Then he put his hands on my face, pulled me closer to his face, and kissed me. He was kissing me constantly so I got a felling he has set myself on fire. But,truly? I don’t care.

“I am planning stay here forever.” “I am not protesting, Marine” I love our bed talks. H:” But seriously Marine, I wont let you go anywhere else, except for kitchen. Cause You have promised me pancakes, like a long time ago, so…”  “ I love you, so I am going to fulfill, what I have promised!” I stood up from bed, put on Harry´s shirt and slowly walked to a kitchen. Harry followed me: “ God, I love you so much, I was thinking like for a minute, that I will forgive you and we forget about these pancakes but I am so freaking looking forward to seeing you making pancakes,…” He pointed his finger from my feet  to my head. “…..like this.” I winked at him and continued in being a perfect girlfriend.

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