Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


4. Chapter 4.


It is like a week after that party and Caroline is constantly asking me what she was doing. I said to her she made out with One Direction star Zayn. She didn´t believe me at first, but when Rosie and Daniel showed her a photo in some online tabloid, she broke down. Literally. I was not in bathroom since then. However she was not talking with David through the phone. She was standing in front of the mirror and trying to apologise to David like in 100 kinds of ways. But she still has not called him since that night. She made me to tell him she is ill that she is not able to speak. I hate lying to him. He is so nice, and caring, and so good for Caroline. She has changed, since she started dating with him.  I have decided to take shower. I just need to turn off my brain for a ten minutes. God, why on earth, did I cut my hair above my shoulders?  They just don´t fit into a rubber band  so after every shower, my hair is wet. Cool. I love having these ten minutes just for myself. I have been thinking about that freshmen party. We were so wasted, but when I look at everything what happend that night I am glad a little. Me and Louis are in touch, he gave me his phone number and I gave him mine. Since then we are constantly texting. Louis is the most funniest person I have ever met and at the same time, he is so understanding. I just feel sorry for him, for all media attention. We went just for a coffe one day  and then I was called to be his new Rebound Girl. Poor boy. „ Marine hurry up I am late for my lecture from International Business.“ Caroline  screamed at me. She is studying Economy. She wants to be a woman in a sexy black dress, high heels and perfect hair, with power to control her employees. At least she told me so. „One minute honey,“ God I am here for eleven minutes and she got suspicious. I streighten my hair, and left bathroom in a large towel. Do you know these days, when there is nothing in your closet to put on? Damn. I took a denim shirt and cotton sweatshirt with this really huge scarf after all My hair looked awful so the only solution for me was a black wool beanie. I left our flat like before 3 minutes, and it is already snowing. Wohoo! I love snow! Well, something has just moved in my pocket. My phone. I have recognised the sound. It was new text message. From Louis. He wants to. Wait I need tu put my gloves off. Well he wants to go for a hot tea near to Berwick street. He sent me a winking smileyface. Oh Louis. When I came out into the cafe, Louis waved at me. He was still wearing a beanie so did I. We looked funny. „Marine, you are my savior, not even Harry wanted to go with me.“ „ Any time.“ I winked at him. „ Marine I have met someone. Her name is Eleanor and she is wonderful and everything. I have just needed to tell this to somebody.“ This cheered me up. I was so glad. He deserves to be happy. „ Louis, that´s great, really. I am really happy, but I will miss my not-in-relationship wingman.“ He laughed. „ Speaking about single people, what about Caroline, Zayn told me she is not picking his phone calls. Marine, he really wants to apologise for being such an idiot.“ „Stop it, it is Caroline´s fault too, it was her, who cheated. Zayn was just drunk and drunk boys tend to end up with Caroline. She just needs to fix this thing up with David.“ „Ok, then but tell her he is so sorry.“ „No worries.“ Everytime I smiled at him he just look on the floor and then smile back. „So Marine, what´s new with your life for change. Did you pass that test from Anatomy? Of course you did, I am just messing with you.“ „Well, actually, I did.“ He gave me that I was just saying smile. Then he looked at his hand. He got nervous. „What Louis?.“ „Nothing I am just late for rehearsal.“  I looked at him accusingly. „ Go you silly, I just need to meet Rosie anyway, go, hurry up! Dont be late“ „ God Marine, I just don´t understand I have not met you before.“ He took his coat, and then hugged me like I was going to die in very few seconds. „See you tomorrow“ he screamed while he was leaving. „Wait, what is tomorrow?“. There is our show,in Docklands. You have promised to go there two days ago.“ See you there, don´t forget to make a posters, right? Bye Marine.“ Then he waved at me and got lost in snow.

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