Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


39. Chapter 39.


When I am with Louis, it´s like we have known each other since childhood. He is so open-minded, his opinions on things are often same as mine and when he smiles the world stops. Literally. I am so glad for this friendship. When we left the Ivy like about 10 p.m., he said he wanted to see me off. “I am so happy for you and Harry,Marine.” He was smiling. “I am happy that you are happy for me and Harry.” We both laughed.  It´s like 4 minutes form Ivy´s to my apartment so we were already nearby my building. “Thank you for a great night, Marine!” He hugged me. “ You´re welcome Tomo!” Then we walked away, while he was playing with his phone. Tonight was great, we talked about Eleanore, about Christmas, about Harry, about their tour. God, I have to call Harry, I have totally forgotten.  I am standing outside while the cold wind is playing with my hair, so I have them all over my face. I took my phone, and dialed Harry´s number. He picked it up:” Hey love, so where are you now?” “Hi curly, well I am standing outside my house, are we still going to your place?” “Yep, honey I am on my way, I will pick you up in 10 minutes, love you.” Then he hung up. I have still time to go upstairs. When I opened the door I saw Zayn´s boots on the floor. Then I heard laugh, probably from Car´s room. When I came to kitchen, to drink some juice, I have noticed that their door were opened.  I peeped in there. They weren’t there, although one brief look on Car´s messy bed told me they spent there a lot of time. Then I realized, that noise is coming from balcony. Yes, they were there, Car was sitting in Zayn´s lap, they were both smoking. Car was surprised when she saw me: “Heeey Marine, I wasn’t expecting you, we are just…” Then Zayn spoke up:” we are just enjoying this starry night.” Car looked at him and nodded.”Yes, we are.” Then Zayn gently grabbed her face and kissed her. They are so cute right now. She was wearing Zayn´s jacket and his beanie also. When I thought about how happy they are, I realized Harry is already outside.. “ Okey guys, I am leaving you, Car don’t wait up.” Car laughed:” Honey don’t worry, have a nice time with Harry!” They both with Zayn laughed out loud. Now I have started to think they are stoned. God, sure, they were definitely smoking pot. On our balcony. God Caroline. I am laughing while I am running downstairs to see my incredible boyfriend. Oh. There he is. In his leather jacket, with his messy curls and that fucking sexy cheek dimples. When I sat to the car, I could immediately smelled his scent there. He put his hands on my face instead of wheel. H:“Hello, stranger!” I smiled at him cause words have stucked in my throat. He noticed that, and laughed. “Let´s go then!” After couple of minutes, we were finally there. God, how I love this place. Harry took my hand and sat me on a sofa. “How was it with Ed?” I was really curious. He smiled at me. “ It was nice, Niall needed to leave early so it was just me and Ed then. You?” M:“Great, really ,Louis is… I adore him. It´s like everything he says makes me cry or laugh or both. “ Harry smiled at me and caressed my knee. “That´s great, I am glad you were having fun, even though it was without me.” He was getting closer to my face . “ But I am sure I know better way how to have fun…” Then he kissed me and laid both of us on a sofa. I was pretty passionate in this kind of fun. Then Harry stopped and looked at me with his big, unbelievably green eyes. “See? I am really funny too.” “The funniest…” I was prepared to continue in what we have started but harry spoke up: “ Let´s go to my room, just in case.” Then he took my hand and we both walked in there. I remember how I saw his room for a first time. I wasn’t sure it was his bedroom back then. Niall and Rosie were here when she fell asleep. Then I have noticed something: “Harry, honey, you know how much I love you and everything, but really?” Then I pointed my finger on his bed. It was like this was the place where the meteorite fell and killed all the dinosaurs.” He laughed. “ I am sorry love, wait a sec.” Then he grabbed all the things, from clothes, to hairdryer and put them on a leather sofa in corner. “Done!” He smiled and my knees got week.“ I am going to pretend like I didn’t see it. But only for this time, ´cause I cant resist your victorious smile.” He smiled and took a few steps closer. He put his hands on my face. “That was my purpose.” Then he kissed me and everything became a blur to me. 

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