Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


38. Chapter 38.


It is still winter holiday, without school, eating constantly, no work out. Car finally persuaded me to go to gym with her and Rosie.  Even though boys are officially working in February,  they have some errands due to their 2013 tour today, so I will see Harry this evening.  We are going to gym on Southwork Street. Rosie loves it there.  When we came there, I could see a paparazzi behind the windows. I am not sure I can get used to it. I mean this whole attention. Even the employees here are extremely nice to us. They even offered us a wellness and Jacuzzi. I like it though. When we jumped it that hot water, Rosie spoke about Niall for the first time today: ”So, when me and Niall left the Christmas dinner, and I was supposed to give him a ride home…” Car splashed water on her: “ Keep talking Rosie!” She awkwardly smiled at us. “ So, I didn’t drive him home, we ended up at my place, but nothing happened, really,trust me.” M:” So you two are together, or..?” I was pretty curious. R:”Technically?No, and practically, yes!” C:” I don’t understand.” Car really looked confused. “Well,  I promised him that after I tell everything to Daniel, that after then, we could be serious about US. You know me girls, I wouldn’t have done anything immoral and be disloyal to Daniel.” M:” So  you and him didn’t…” She intervened. “ No we didn’t, well we kissed, but that’s all.” C:” I knew that you two had been doing making out in my room!” We all laughed out loud. It is already 4 p.m. and I have promised Louis to go with him on a birthday dinner to Ivy´s. He loves it there, and the only thing that came up to my mind was to take him there.  We all left gym together. Rosie told us, she is going to meet with Daniel. I am really curious about what´s gonna happened with these two. God, Car is driving as a mad. Even though, she has her driving licence longer than me, but still, she is crazy driver, literally! No offence, Car, honey I love you, don’t be mad at me. Where were we, right.  When we got home, Zayn was already there, drinking water from bottle. I was pretty surprised. Car noticed that. C:” oh, I didn’t tell you, he is going to be here, I assume.” “No you didn’t, now it all makes sence, while you were driving with spped of light.” Zayn immediately furrowed his eyebrows. “ Car honey, I have told you like million times that you should drive slowly!” Then he took few steps forward and grabbed her. They kissed. Well, like it´s miracle she is alive, after that ride. “Okey, you two I am going to get ready… Zayn? Harry is home already, I have wanted to call him but I wasn’t sure, if he could pick up phone so..” He smiled at me, while she was holding Car in his arms. “Yes, he is home already, call him.” Then he smiled again and caressed Car´s cheek. She was is seven heaven right now. When I turn on my lamp on my night  stand, I saw Harry, lying on my bed, with his hands crossed above his head.  “Good evening!” I jumped a little. He scared me! “God, curly, you scared me!” Then I put all my bags on the floor and joined him in bed.  “Nice surprice though!” I kissed him and laid on his chest. I was breathing in his scent a while. “So you are going out with Louis today.” He sounded hurt.  “Harry, honey..” Then I sat up and turned myself so I could look at him.  “ It will be a few hours, I promise!” Then I kissed him on lips and pushed his wrists at the same time. I could see this cheered him up. “ Ok then, I´ll call you after, we will go to my place.” He smiled at me and kissed my nose. “Deal…” I kissed him back. “ What´s your plan for today?” I asked him curiously. He replied with his adorable smile.” “Me and Niall are  going to see one friend of ours.” “Who is that?” “It´s Ed Sheeran.  No! No! Ed Sheeran, got that boy is incredible, I totally adore him. “See? That’s another thing, I wanted to ask you about, you and him are friends? Harry, He is amazing, I love his songs!” He laughed. “well, next time I´ll introduce you to him, he is a great guy.” Then I looked at clock, Louis is going to be here in any minute. So I quickly stood up from bed, and went to closet to put on something pretty. Harry immediately stood up with me and choose me skinny camel jeans, black chiffon blouse with rivets to collar and red knitted jumper. God, I love him . He was watching me all time I was putting the clothes from gym off. He kissed my naked shoulders. “I gotta go, Marine, so I will call you anyway, so pick up your phone please! And have fun tonight!” Then he winked at me and left my room. I heard how he said goodbye to Car and Zayn and than how he closed the door. I have done something with my hair, put some make up on and right when I was ready to look on my watch, Louis called me he was outside already. I am pretty excited to spend some quality time with my best friend. Finally!

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