Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


37. Chapter 37.


When I woke up, Harry wasn’t in bed. I looked at the clock, it´s 9 a.m. What day is it… god I am totally dizzy from lack of water. So I slowly stood up from bad, took a hoodie and went to kitchen. Harry and Zayn were sitting by the table, drinking coffe. When Harry saw me, he immediately put the cup back on the table. “Morning!” When he said he his cheek dimples became more visible. “Morning, Marine.” Zayn smiled at me. Then I sat on Harry´s knee and kissed his adorable dimples. Oh, they are eating croissants. I bite a little from Harry´s plate. “Where´s Caroline?”  “She is still sleeping, I have a surprise for her, we are going to… wait what time is it?” Then Zayn looked on his hand and quickly stood up. Right after that Caroline walked out of her room. “Morning!” She was smiling and running her hand through her messy hair. Z:“Babe, eat your breakfast and get dressed. I’m going to take you somewhere.” Car looked on him with widen eyes, then she immediately grabbed one croissant, took a sip of coffe and run to her room, to change clothes. This whole happened like in 10 minutes. Then she went to bathroom and came back here, , dressed in Zayn´s gift. She looked amazing. Her dark hair were falling on her shoulders in smoothy curls. “Ok I’m ready!” Then Zayn stood up from sofa, took her hand and they both walked out of our apartment. So it´s me and Harry now. I am still sitting on his knee. God, my head is spinning. “Hey, hey, Marine, are you ok?“ He asked me in concerned voice, after my loss of balance. “Sure, I am just thirsty as hell. Then I stood up and went to kitchen to pour a water to glass.“ As I took a first step, the last thing I remeber i show I fell on the floor. Harry immediately came to me. „God, Marine, that´s not from the lack of water.“ Then he grabbed me and put me gently on a sofa. He was caressing my hair, his eyebrow was suddenly furrowed: “Marine, what´s wrong? Do I have to call an ambulance?” He was totally freaked out. Then I realized, I have never told him I have an anemie. It is an illness, caused by the lack of red cells, so I get dizzy often, my skin is paler than usual. I am taking medication, but sometimes I just can´t prevent from  fainting. Like today. “Harry, that´s ok, It´s just… I am just anemic. I think I have never told you that, I am sorry.” “No Marine, you have never told me that, god I was so scared. Are you feeling ok now?” God he is so cute. Then I sat on a sofa. “Yes I am ok, I am sorry, that I didn’t told you that before.” He kissed my fingers. One by one. “ I am so relieved, now.The last time I saw somebody actually faint was my mum, when she was pregnant with Gemma.” I laughed. “Let me see, If I´ve got it right, you thought I am pregnant?” He was suddenly totally serious. “so what? You don’t want a little Harry or what?” God, are we really talking about this? Now? “I want little Harry as much as I want you.” We both laughed out loud. “That´s great, Harold Junior, great name, right?” “The greatest.” I got dizzy again, but not from anemia, because of Harry´s loving look on his face.

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