Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


36. Chapter 36.


Rosie´s POV:

Holly fucking shit, he really  came. Okay Rose, just play it cool. He was standing there, with his foxy smile and cute blonde hair, I swear he look like a snowflake. I told him to come in and he smiled at me like never before. I think I am falling for him. This whole thing with him and Daniel is weird and I have never expected  that things would change so quickly. But they are. I am different. While I was talking to myself in my mind, Niall sat on a couch but I told him to go to Car´s room, where we should talk. He automatically agreed and followed me. I know that kids were staring at us that whole time but it didn´t matter. He sat on the corner of Car´s untided bed and started. N: ,,Rosie, I just need to say, that I am so glad you invited me, just being here, with you is….. ˝I imidiately stopped him. Got closer to him, I needed to see his perfect eyes and his smile I just couldn´t resisit. Me: ,, No, please stop, you know that everything what is between us, I mean the kiss, I just can´t do that, not until I will speak with Daniel˝. My voice started to shake, and he heard that so he took my hand and said that everything is going to be fine. Niall: ,, Rosie, I totally agree, I mean you know how I feel about you, from the first moment I saw you, I can´t even describe what is going through my head. I wasn´t expect I would feel such a  thing. I was determined just do music and do stuff with lads, you totally screwed up my plans, in a good way. And just look at me, even thought people think we can have everything we want, it´s not true, I wanted you then and I want you know, wherareas you are still with Daniel, at least officially.˝ He accusingly looked at me and let go of my hand. I seriously don´t know what to do. I know I needed to kiss him. Like right now, like forever, like he wouldn´t let me go. Unfortunately he can´t read my mind, at least I thought so. But suddenly he caressed my hear, his hand continued until he reached for my weist, he pulled me closer and with his perfect Irish accent said:,, Rosie, forget about Daniel, forget about everything, I can make you happy, I can make you feel loved, please make me be yours tonight.˝ I put my hands on his shoulders, I heard his heart beat, I heart his lungs breathing, suddenly everything was irrelevant, things he just said were so overwhelming and decisive that, that moment I knew what to do. I kissed him so hard and pulled him closer to me and let myself to be free. He woke up so much happiness in me, everything started to make sense, I can´t be with Daniel, I don´t love him, I did, 4 months ago, but now it is over. I need to tell him that, but not know, not today. Today I am here, with Niall. I started to be so passionate, and didn´t even realized that lads are in the other room and probably waiting for us. I pulled Niall back. I didn´t say him anything since his long speech and  I assume that my kiss is taken for agreement to be his. He accusingly looked at me again, but he knew that this time i am standing by his side. We standed up, he took off his grey jumper, he was standing there in his black skiny jeans and black Vans shoes I adore, and his white shirt with his perfectly  piled up hair. I totally adore him, like totally totally. After me staring at him for a minute, he opened the door and we got back to kids. They were sitting on a sofa and looking at us with sly smiles.

After they got back from Car´s room, Rosie awkwardly asked Niall, if he wanted a turkey. He just shook his head as no. „Thank you Rosie, I believe it´s delicious but I am stuffed.“ Zayn immediately spoke up:“ Ohoho, buddy, arent you sick or something? You and deny food?“ Everybody laughed except Rosie. It looks like they two have done there nasty things. But whatever,it is Rosie we are talking about, she knows what she is doing. Or who is doing. God, stop Marine, this was too much. Was it? Fuck, shut up already. Then Zayn stood up from sofa, holdind Car´s hand and said:“ Ok, we are leaving you, I am so sleepy!“ He faked yawning. Car started blushing and nodded. Like we are all stupid, and they really going to sleep, at.... at.. 11 o´clock. Well, it is a little late. But still. So i tis just me, harry and Niall and Rosie. Harry was sitting there, with his arms around my shoulders. Then Rosie awkwardly stood up and I could see how she was looking at Niall. “Marine, Thank you for tonight, Happy Christmas, but I am going to my place already, it is late and everything.“ She was slowly tooking steps to hallway,while she was talking to me. Then Niall joined her: “Yeah, Happy Christmas Marine and Harry. I am going too, Rosie has just offered to give me a ride home so, see you guys...“ He was waving with his hand and went after Rosie. I swear I saw how he holded Rosie´s hand. But this wasnt important for me. Important was Harry. When we both heard smashed door, he immediately turn himself so he could face me.“Finally, alone, finally with you!“ His eyes were sudennly widen. Then he added: “Please put on my gift.“ He smiled and gave me that little box, that he took from a coffe table. I slowly put on my chest. “Harry, that´s the best gift ever, thank you, like really... “. “ I am so glad you like it!” Then I realized I didn’t give him my presents. “ Oh, I totally forget, wait here!” Then I run to my room to grab them and then run back to Harry. “ This is….” When he opened the first one, he was so happy. “ Marine, you´re amazing, I wanted that dvd, really, I love Coldplay.” “And the next one is maybe a little … well you will see.” Then I gave him that second gift. When Harry unwrapped paper, I could see he didn’t know what that 2 papers mean. Then he started to understand, while he was reading, what stood on these papers. “Marine, it´s …. God, Marine, that’s massive! We are going to Denmark!!!You and me!! That´s.. god I am speechless, that’s absolutely ,absolutely he sweetest thing, what has somebody ever done to me. “ “That´s cause I love you and I hope that you could use a few days off.” He stared at me a moment, and then grabbed my face and kissed me. FINALLY! He is back, and technically I am too. These days without him were terrible.  Then we continued with this debate in my room and stopped at the crack of dawn.

Caroline´s POV:

When Zayn and I were lying in the bed I was tracing his tattoos with my finger and then he traced mine triangle on my wrist with his finger. I was so happy he was back. I missed him so much, so I made him stay for the night. He fell asleep before me and as I was lying next to him in his arms I was thinking how lucky I am. I was living in the best city, I shared apartment with one of the best people in the world, had two best friends I love so much and the best boyfriend ever. I couldn’t be happier. When I woke up Zayn wasn’t in bed. I got up from bed and went to the kitchen to see who is already up. Of course Marine, Harry and Zayn were there sipping coffee. “Morning” I smiled at everyone and went straight to the bathroom. When I got back Zayn was already dressed so I thought he had to go to the studio or something. “Babe, eat your breakfast and get dressed. I’m going to take you somewhere.” He was mysterious but I tried to hurry up. “Ok I’m ready!” I walked into the living room he got up from the sofa and kissed me. When we went out of the building there was black car waiting for us, but firstly there was at least 5 paparazzi taking pictures of us as we were walking to the car. As soon as we were driving away I asked Zayn:” Where are we going love?” he touched my hand and said “Its surprise!” So I let it be. I wasn’t paying attention to the road because I was dancing to the Florence and the Machine played on the radio. „Did I tell you Rosie gave me two tickets to Florence? Would you like to come with me?” “Yeah sure I would love to babe” Suddenly the car stopped and I looked at the place on the right. It had big sign TATTOO on it. “Let’s go inside they’re expecting us” Zayn took my hand and led me inside. “Are you going to get another tattoo?” I asked him while he was putting his jacket on the sofa. “Yes. Last night when I was looking at your tattoo I had an idea. You will see, just sit down and wait for a moment.” So I sat on the sofa and waited. When he was done I stood up and walked closer to him to see the new tattoo. It was triangle, same as mine except it was filled and mine wasn’t.” It represents me and you together.” I wanted to touch it but I knew it’s still very sensitive. I hugged and kissed him instead.” Do you want to get some coffee?” he asked.” Yes. There is nice quiet place around the corner.” “Let’s go.” He grabbed me around waist and walked towards the café.

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