Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


35. Chapter 35.

“That turkey is delicious, Rosie!” Zayn was praising her with full mouth of that really really tasty turkey. She smiled at him, when she took a sip of red wine. “Thank you Zayn.” Then everyone joined. “Yes, Rosie amazing dinner, thank you!”.Rosie was blushing. “Stop it, Car washed that vegetable, see? That´s not only my work!” Zayn laughed and put his hand on Car´s cheek. “Honey, that vegetable is washed amazingly!” Car twisted her eyes and added:” Thank you honey.” The atmosphere here is really nice. Harry´s hand is still on my tight since we sat here. “well ok, the pudding will be done in 20 minutes, so I assume you would like to give each other presents.” Rosie smiled at us, wearing potholders on both hands. She was in kitchen , putting the rest of turkey back in the oven.  Zayn and Car are already sitting on the carpet next to a Christmas tree. Harry took my hand and we both went to sit on a sofa. We were watching Zayn and Car. “ So I am going first, Zayn love, this is for you.” She gave him a paper bag full of colourful paper. After that Zayn kissed her and put the Obey shirt and red beanie out of that bag. “I love you, Caroline, thank you!” Then Caroline kissed him for change. After that Zayn gave Car big gold package. Caroline was smiling while she was unwrapping. “ Zaaaaaayn, that´s amazing!!God, I love you so much!” Car pulled Zayn closer and hugged him tightly.” Guys, guys! I looke like Zayn now!” She was putting on Zayn´s gift. It was this leather jacket with grey hood. She literally looked like Zayn. Z:” I am glad you like it, I know how you told me that….” Then Zayn stopped, he apparently noticed like Car was winking at him and trying to show him, he had better stop talking. I assume it was something private, and she didn’t want everybody to know that that jacket  turns her on. And oh yeah, she told me about it after their first date. After that Car took a few steps to him and kissed him. “Thank you, I love you.” She whispered him to his left ear. They were hugging for a while so Harry pulled me next to tree too. “This is for my the most beautiful and greatest girlfriend of all times.” Then he gave me little box, it wasn’t wrapped. He apparently noticed look on my face. So he added:” I am sorry, I have no time to wrap it so, I just….” Well I wasn’t mad cause it wasn’t in Christmas paper for God sake, I was nervous cause it was a box, in which is probably some jewellary. I nervously opened that box. “Harry.” It was this beautiful necklace with little gold H on it. H:” So you cold have me all the time.” I was speechless. “Marine, I don’t know if you like it or not, say something.” God he was nervous, cause I didn’t reply for a moment. He touched my face and tried again:” Mari…” Then I grabbed him and pulled him to me. Then I finally spoke up: “Just hold me, ok?” I could feel he was smiling. This is the most beautiful thing somebody have ever done to me. Then I realized I have  presents for him too. But I just couldn’t ruint that moment. So I whispered: “ I have something for you too.” Then Harry said:” Later.” So apparently he didn’t want to stop with this either. Then Rosie announced, that pudding is ready. Oh my God, Rosie is great chef, really, that pudding was delicious. “Rosie, like you are the best! Amazing dinner thank you!” I needed to praise her too. She smiled at me. While she was putting plates to dishwasher, somebody knocked on the door. Then she glanced toward the hallway. She knew who was behind that door. Then Rosie took a deep breath, and went to welcome our next guest. After all this, Niall came to dinning room, with red beanie on head, holding little paper back. “Hi everyone!”

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