Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


34. Chapter 34.


Despite rainy weather, whole atmosphere is really christmassy. Rosie has just put the turkey in the oven and Car is cutting potatoes. It´s something around 3 p.m. and I am so nervous, cause Harry called me in the morning and promised he got back till dinner. He still has time, but I just can´t wait to see him. In my opinion everything is ready for Christmas dinner. Girls are in Car´s room getting ready now. I am siting on sofa and trying to do a check list in my mind. Car has just walked out of room. She is wearing this damn sexy black lace dress and red tuxedo jacket and Charlotte Olympia Christmas heels, Rosie went right after her in waist maxi green skirt, wearing a casual black blouse and gold jacket, she is standing in front of me in brown platform high heel shoes. She is wearing a black French hat, and her wavy hair gently fall on her shoulders.  Caroline´s  hair looks perfect, this little bun perfectly souits her. They look incredibly good. One look at them and then at me- I need to do something with myself. Since Harry´s gone I wash my hair like twice a week, my nails look awful, and I am not wearing any make up, since he left. Well, my closet offers me not a wide variety of outfits. I finally decided to took a checked red skirt  and white long sleeve pullover with denim blouse under it. Then I have done something with my face, so I don’t look like 40-year old lady. My hair is done  in a braided ponytail. Ok, the time is up. I need to call Harry. I took my phone from the kitchen counter. While I was walking through livingroom, Car whistled at me. Then I dialed Harry´s number. Fuck, he is not picking up. I hope nothing bad happened to him. Car noticed me. “Marine, calm down, he is going to be here in a few minutes, Zayn texted me they will come together.” She smiled at me and added: “ And by the way, you look stunning!” We both laughed out loud. Then Rosie came from bathroom holding her blackberry. “Niall called.” Me and Car automatically shouted: “what, what ,what?” R:”He said he will come by today.” C:”wohoou, well we should put on that Marine´s hoodies then.” M:” And what about Daniel? Did you call him or something?” Rosie just shook her head as no. I don’t want to ask her more, she looks pretty nervous already. Then we all heard a door bell. C:” I am going….”She automatically stood up from chair and run to hallway. Then I heard Car´s happy scream. I was waiting in a livingroom, leaning on table. Obvously Car and Zayn were still in hallway, because I heard just one kind of foot steps. And I knew precisely who´s.  Then Harry walked in. I can´t recall what he was wearing, cause I was dizzy as never. He probably noticed that and took exactly 4 steps forward. Then he stared at me like 30 seconds and wipped my tear from cheek. “ Finally!” That tenderness in his voice made my tears begin to fall in stream. He pulled me to his chest and lifted us in the air. I didn’t care that other people are around us, so I kissed him on his lips and he followed my lead. Then Rosie coughed a little. After that we stopped and Harry awkwardly ran his hand through his hair. Car was holding Zayn´s hand and Rosie was standing in front of the oven.”Dinner´s ready!” Zayn and Car sat next to each other, their hands were still swirled. Then Harry smiled at me and sat next to Car. I asked him:” Is this seat free, Sir?” Harry smiled and added: “Madam, you have come in time, I have to  denied a very old lady, who came right before you.” Then I sat there, and I could immediately feel Harry´s hand on my thigh. 

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