Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


33. Chapter 33.


These days, I feel Harry´s absence more then ever. Maybe it´s like 3 weeks, we´ve known each other but it feels like an eternity to me. That feeling that you love someone, and he loves you back. And that’s incredible, because, you have never thought that that one will be the most amazing person on the planet. And that´s why I can´t stand London without him.  Maybe I am hypersensitive about this, but I can´t help myself. I think I´ll call him. I am lying in my warm bed, sipping hot chocholate and listening to Ed Sheeran. It is probably 11. p.m and girls are watching tv in livingroom. I needed to hide here.  I dialed that well-known number. M:”I hope I didn’t wake up...” H: “Marine, hi, no you didn’t  I am with Gemma right now, waait…..Ok, great I am in my room now, how is my love today?” Why is this boy making this even more harder? M:”My sock is hanging above the fireplace already!” Harry laughed:”I hope my sock is hanging next to yours, honey.” M:”Uhm, I think I forgot about your so…” He intervened. “Don’t tell me my sock isn’t there!” “I am sorry Mister Stynson, your sock isn’t there.”  “ I wont be angry just because I love you.” I love our talks. M:” What was your day so far?” I covered myself with blanked and took a sip. H:” Well, I met my friends from school, then I helped mum with cleaning the house, and yes I was really helping, then I skyped with Louis, who has birthday today, and then I ….” M:”Oh no! I totally forgot. Louis, my darling and I do this. I need to call him or something.” H:”hey, that´s ok, it´s still 24th so you basically didn’t forget.” M:”Harry, honey, I´ll call him now, just to be sure.” “Ok love, tomorrow, Finally tomorrow is tomorrow, you and me- no excuses .I´ll call you in the morning. Love you.” M:”no excuses, love you Harry.” Then I dialed Louis. L:”hello!” M:”My dearest, Louis, happy birthday!” L:”Marine, you forgot, and now you are trying to fix it with this phone call, and lady you can be sure, that……” oh no. “…I love you still, thank you,really Marine.” M:” When you came to London, be sure that we will celebrate your 21 birtday as never. “  L:” I hope so, ok Marine, I wish you Merry Christmas, I am so tired from today I need to go to sleep, but be sure I am really happy you called.” M:”Merry Christmas too!I am sorry I call you this late, I really am. Well ok, then. Bye Louis!” Oh, look, It´s 25th already and I am sleepy as hell. Good night.

It´s  5 a.m. and I am putting presents under the Christmas tree. Girls put their gifts here when I was calling with Harry. Oh look this one is for… No Marine, don’t look on the name labels. I slowly put all my present there and quietly on tiptoes walked away. When I was in my room I quickly jumped to my warm bed and close my eyes. I was probably dreaming cause, I didn’t know this room. I was in a small, cosy, warm room with pictures on all walls, when I looked closer on one picture I recognized one face. Harry´s. He was holding this little boy with curly hair. Aaawww. While I was closely observing that picture, I heard a noise. Into this room walked that little boy from the picture. He pulled my sleeve. His big green eyes were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, they were Harry´s. This boy was clothed in a white shirt, black jeans with suspenders. So cute.He was just looking at me, with no word. Then he shouted: “Daddy, daddy!” After that Harry ran up to him. He was older, but still adorable. He was holding his hand and said to him: “ Don’t worry, mummy is going to be here in a minute.” Oh wait, I am his mummy? But if so, I am here, right in front of him. I paniced and touched Harry´s shoulder. He didn’t even notice. I was invisible.  Then I heard  heels, hitting the floor, she is coming, that mummy-bitch is coming. When  was I prepared to shot her down, I woke up. Fuck, I want to know who´s little Harry´s mummy. I hate these dreams. Finally! I took a deep breath and went to living room. Girls were already there. In cute pyjamas, probably waiting for me. “ Marine, hurry, I am so impatient.” When it comes to presents Car is always impatient. I sat next to Rosie, on the floor, and Car gave me package. “I saw how you were looking at it in a window and I have just couldn´t resist so basically….” “No waay!Car, you are a sweetheart, that´s that vintage shirt….” I love you, thank you! C:”Wait there is a sweatshirt somewhere…” Then Car gave another package. It was this red sweatshirt, it look alike Louis´s. “ Thank you, Caroline.” I smiled at her and she applauded a little. Then Rosie gave me one big paper back. “ That’s just a …” While she was talking I was trying to catch my breath. “Rosie, that’s a typewriter.Seriously? Rosie, That´s amazing, thank you! Really!” Rosie was smiling:” I knew that you wanted this, when you first came to London, and then I found this really old but still functionall.You´re welcome, sweetie!” I assume that Car and Rosie gave presents to each other while I was trying to knock that mummy bitch down. Car got a 2 tickets on Florence and Machine concert, and Rosie got these amazing stud flats and brown cardigan.  So it´s my turn now.  “Rosie, Caroline, here you are!” Then I gave them my gifts. The first ones were little boxes with rings in it. These rings have a little node on them. Car got a silver and Rosie gold one. “MARINEEE, beautiful thank you!” They both were putting these rings on. “Ladies, there something else…” Then I gave to each other paper bag. After that I heard a laugh. Constant laugh. Then Rosie put my gift on. It was One Direction hoodie with their photo on it. Car was still on the floor, catching breath. “ You did not!!” Then I joined and laugh with them.

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