Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


32. Chapter 32.


It´morning of December 24th. We all promised, that tonight nothing will destroy this peaceful day. Not even Harry´s sad phonecalls. Deal is a deal. I have just made a tea,  Car is making omelettes and  Rosie is taking a shower.The weather is still cold, but there are no snowflakes. Only raindrops. Well, this really doesn’t look like Christmas. BUT, we have promised something, so nothing won´t ruin this. “Look, Marine..” Cas was speaking with mouth full of eggs. “…what are you going to give Harry? I have my gift for Zayn,but it´s nothing special.” Actually, that’s a good question. Hmm, I bought the Coldplay concert dvd and well, something,… I am a little ashamed if I didn’t overdo it. “I´ll give him a  Coldplay dvd. That´s everything for now.” I am glad I didn’t tell her about the other present. “Cool” She smiled and took a sip of hot tea. Rosie has just came out from a bathroom with the towel turban on her head. “Morning ladies!” She was all smiling and humming some Christmas carol.  C:“Look at her, a whole new person,  one night with us and I don’t even recognize her.”  “Car, I think that’s a Christmas effect.” She winked at her, while she was pouring the tea into a cup. M:”Rosie, I think that’s the Niall effect. “ Caroline chuckled and shouted: “BURN!!” Rosie just looked at me and shook with her head. “ Marine, you little…, I would expect this from Caroline, not from you!” She was telling me off but at the same time laughing as hell. When Car realized what Rosie said, like a minute ago , she spoke up:”Heey!, and speaking of him, did you already decide what are you going to tell him?”  Then Rosie looked at the ground. “You are probably going to kill me.. I did call him already. Last night.” We both with Car looked at each other.  M: “No way Rosie, we told you you need to…” “….I know what you told me, but after that glass of wine, my freaking drunk brain was decided to call him. So I did.” C: “And?” “And we were talking like 3 hours, I was so quiet, cause I knew you both thought, that I was sleeping. And I told him I remember everything. And he told me he had no idea, and that he was scared what could happen if I he told me I kissed him and…” God this is totally nerve- racking! So I shouted: “Please continue!” “He told me he needs to see. I totally agree with him,  this types of conversations are better provided face to face. And then he asked me about Daniel…” Oh, I totally forgot about Daniel. Caroline was bitting her nails, I swear: “And you told him, thaaat….?” “I told him that our kiss back then, is much more important for me than Daniel.” Car´s eyes were suddenly widen. “Rosie, I have no idea, that….” “I have no idea too, but when I heard his voice, holy fucking shit I couldn’t resist him.” I am smiling like an idiot right now, cause I realized something. “Don’t tell me that we three are in love with One Direction.” Girls laughed and did up top. “Well, ok, no boys tonight, so what´s plan for today?” I asked. R:” So, I am going to my place, so I could bring all presents here.” Rosie took a sip. C:” I am going shopping, just a fex things really, I will be back till dinner, I promise.” M:”Ok, then, I will wrap some presents, and then we will do Christmas stockiiiiiing!” “ Yeeeeah!”  It´s something about 1 a.m. and girls are already gone.  I have bring all wrapping papers here, in the living room.  That dvd is really easy to be wrapped, Car´s and Rosie´s boxes too, but how am I going to wrap that flight tickets. Oh wait, I didn’t tell you about that another gift for Harry. Well, I bought 2 tickets to Copenhagen, just 3 nights in this beautiful hotel, we can use them until the end of the next year so that’s pretty great. Finally I used this green paper with little Santas on. Time is passing and girls aren’t still here. So I took a long shower, I have washed my hair, so now I smell like a strawberry. Right after I walked out of the bathroom, Rosie and Car came home. They were holding these big paperbags. I am not asking anything anymore. “ You two, right into living room!” They looked at each other, cause they knew they came late. I wasn’t actually mad at them, before I took a shower, I had made a fire in the fireplace. There were no lighs in there, just a luminous Christmas tree. They smiled and hugged me hard.

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