Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


30. Chapter 30.

Rosie, he is in Ireland now, don’t call him today, just take a deep breath!”: I was trying to calm her down. “Yeah, Rosie, I think you need to now figure out what you are going to tell him first.” Car was convincing her too. “You´re right girls, I am just… happy.You know, like the big stone fell from my heart right now. So Car, Niall told you that I kissed him?” “Well actually Marine did, she spoke with Niall at my party. He told her about this.” Rosie  immediately looked at me. “Marine, talk talk!” So I told her what happened that night, what Niall told me.” She was pensive, she was stratching her chin, then she spoke up:” This all make sense now, God, finally!” Suddenly she was so cheered up .  I don’t understand, and I assume Car either. “Girls!Finally I know what I want, I want Niall to know that I know this, that I couldn’t forget about this, that when I thought it was just a dream, it was still the best dream ever.” Wow. Rosie is suddenly full of life, no hesitation: Daniel or Niall. Actually, she didn’t mention him since this conversation started. It´s something after 8 p.m., and my stomach is making weird noises. “ Well, I think that this Rosie´s declaration needs to be celebrated! We are going to Rhodes 24. It´s girls night, so ladies, get ready!” It´s like 15 minutes by car from our apartment but we decided to walk. It´s snowing. All these lights and people -  it just reminds me how I love Christmas. And also reminds me how I first met Harry. I miss him, I really do, I hope this girls night will help me to stop thinking about booking a flight ticket to Manchester, and prevents me from running from Manchester to Holmes Chapel, so I could see him, just for a minute. Oh Marine. You need to call him. Right now.  While we were like 10 metres from Rhodes, I said: “Girls, go ahead, I need to make a phone call.” I stopped by grocery window, there were a pineapples . Fuck. Quick, dial him! “ Harry,hi, I miss you so much.” I was trying not to cry. Then he spoke up:” Love, I miss you! I wish you were here with me. Tell me you are sitting on a train to Holmes Chapel. Please!” “No,I am not, I hope you are on plane to London.” We both laughed. “No I am not.” “I love you, Marine, so much please we need to hold on until 25th.” “ I know, Harry, well I´ll call when I got home.Love you.” “25th, don’t forget! Bye, gorgeous.” Fuck I hate this kind of phone calls, I always want to cry. Marine, chin up! When I got to Rhodes, girls were sitting nearby this big windows, so we could watch falling snowflakes. “Good evening, Did you choose from our Carte?” Car started: “ Well pinot noir , red , please. And as a started we would like to order glazed Lobster,as a main course that filo crust baked loin of lamb, everything 3 times, please.” She looks so classy right now,but still ,me and Rosie are laughing like a children. “I would almost forget, and as a dessert blueberry mousse. Thank you” When waiter left, me and Rosie bursted in laugh. “Girls, stop with this, have a little respect!” God, that killed us totally, me and Rosie were having heads on the table and giggling like never before. This was what I needed, to stop thinking about that curly boy.  When we held our pinot noir glasses in hands, Rosie decided to make a toast. “ Caroline, Marine, let´s enjoy this night, let´s enjoy Christmas, love you.” 

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